Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 8, 2017

This former A+ list rapper will lose any asset he has remaining if he isn't careful. He wants to compete against the permanent A list rapper who already owns just about anything of value the former A+ lister has or will have. Oh, don't believe the hype about the properties. He likes to pretend he is balling but nothing is in his name. He wants to directly compete against the permanent A list rapper which will result in lawsuits and legal fees. If he does that, he will have to go to his in name only wife to bail him out which she won't do because she has already parted with millions to keep them propped up for the past several years.

Kanye West/Jay Z/Kim Kardashian


sandybrook said...

Tidal is doing so well, that others just like it should be started­čśú

AshBey said...

Jesus. Cocaine or something is a helluva drug. I still enjoy watching Snoop's snaps about Kanye as he was going off the rails ranting during a show. Heelarryus.

John Doe said...

Women out there, tell me please...if you had a man like Kanye would you stay with him? And please tell me the F why.

Marlin said...

Doubt she touched her money until his was totally gone. He has real problems but of course that’s what this family looks for to exploit for more money and more fame. No sympathy for any of them. Still praying for somebody anybody to write that tell All and show what they are.

americanpanda said...

@AshBey any stimulants that are abused in large quantities= psychosis.
I know someone who took a days worth of ritalin 3x a day - started hallucinating so bad she picked a hole in her forehead trying to pluck her eyebrows.
@JohnDoe - I wouldn't have a man like that period lol.

Unknown said...

There aren't any real women out there, who'd stay with someone like Kanye.

mistang said...

@Ashbey - Thank you for mentioning that. I had to look up the video and it was indeed very entertaining.


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