Sunday, November 05, 2017

Blind Item #1

This foreign born permanent A list model/host/celebrity/judge who does the same thing in multiple countries is about to spill. She has a ton of stories about past directors of FIFA and Formula 1 and other European soccer leagues. I am especially interested in her tales of the traveling group of teens and young women ages 16-20 all these men hooked up with. Hey, our model was one of them. More than one of these teens has ended up marrying these men too.


LC said...

Heidi Klum?

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Heidi Klum

just sayin' said...

the biological father of heidi's first child is flavio briatore, the Italian managing director of Renault's Formula One team.

Fins to the Left! said...

hey just sayin',

remember when Naomi Campbell was seeing him forever. Gave her a payout at then end. used to beat her.

Glue said...

I'd be interested in what Klum had to she has some stories that would blow our minds.

just sayin' said...

flavio briatore is listed in jeffrey epstein's little black book of contacts which include the customers in his pedophilia ring.

the late, great gawker magazine was the first to print it in full. article here:

redacted photocopy:

unredacted transcript with contact info deleted:

Glue said...

I miss Gawker. Those billionaire assholes shut down Gawker. Wasn't just Thiel, they all pooled together and wanted Gawker shut down, bc Gawker was the only site digging up the dirt.

Mrs Meat said...

I haven't got time to go scouring through the black book lists now, but I wonder how many people have done so and looked for the 'unknown' names. A lot of attention gets paid to the celebs involved, but what about those under the radar but with money to burn?

JrSlims said...

@Mrs Meat

I've been through it pretty heavily. There aren't too many surprises in the "unknowns", generally they're service providers for Epstein - house managers, IT guy, and so on.

The most interesting relatively unknown is Dana Giachetto (he's the Dana in the "Courtney Love" entry). He's the link between Geffen and Epstein.


It was all a show, including Thiel's conservative act for TV. Alex Karp, the CEO on Thiel's biggest investment Palantir, was in frequent contact with Haim Saban up until Saban bought Gawker.

That's what I love most about "Nobody Speak" that Gawker doc - he brings up that bad actors buyout press outlets to stop bad press, but then never mentions who actually bought Gawker - Clinton megadonor Haim Saban. Thiel is going after the Gawker archives now though cause there is still damaging stuff in there that makes more sense now - like Bill Clinton's time at Yucaipa - which just had new sex harassment allegations surrounding it, but then the news buried it.

I'm also surprised @plot 's handlers haven't sent him in yet.


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