Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 13, 2017

They might not have gone home together after a big event this weekend, but they did hook up on Sunday. So, for those of you who wanted this A list mostly movie actress to dump her latest guy to get back together with the foreign born former superhero, things are looking better than they did a week ago for sure.

Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield


Count Jerkula said...

That poor frog faced girl

Boo Hearne said...

I wish someone could explain him to me because from day 1 I have never found him remotely masculine or talented. He is sort of the English Norman Reedus.

Sadie said...

Really? I find it impossible to believe that Andrew Garfield is heterosexual.

Do Tell said...

Why continue to date someone when you really want to be with someone else? And as successful as she is, I really don't understand it.

Wellywood said...

Watch Boy A,he's amazing in it

Boo Hearne said...

Sadie-I was trying to be kind. Totally agree with you. Why do these casting agents and movie directors think we movie-going folk are dumb as a box of hair and can't tell the straight from the not-so-straight? Stevie Wonder could see he's fey.

beebopcowboy said...

I feel emma and andrew are both bi. I feel andrew will transition to later-in-life gay dude.
still convinced emma and zoe kravitz fucked for a while.

BlissBoo said...

I'm absolutely attracted to him and my gaydar doesn't ping THAT loudly for him, but it wouldn't shock me in the least if he were bi. I wouldn't be shocked at ALL if the entire drama community is at least 95% bi. This is DRAMA we're talking about! People who love to be in the spotlight, loved to be LOVED. Love to transform into another person.

I have a thing for wonky looking Brit men, even shovel-face Pattinson. Aren't they pals as well?

Its a cesspool, they all spoon around with each other. These two though, man, get over it already, they should be together.


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