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Today's Blind Items - Sex, Drugs & Death - Hollywood, Politics & The Bohemian Grove

I will try not to make this book length. First, we need to go back more than a couple of decades. The spring of 1990 to be exact. Yes, I know many of you don't even remember that year, but it was a very important year. It shows just how powerful certain people in the world are and how life can be taken in an instant if you cross the wrong people or end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In that summer, there was an A list comedian working everywhere. He was at his peak. He was making movies and specials and was in music videos. He was also using a ton of drugs. That is not an exaggeration, he was using a lot. Any kind of drug, he loved. Despite having a girlfriend, he was always picking up any woman he could find to have sex with. One night, he was on tour in a small southern town. He was hanging out with pretty much a nobody back then except in his own state. Later, that person would become an A+ list celebrity and to this day remains so. These two loved to party and pick up women and had very similar backgrounds growing up.

After our comedian performed he picked up two women. Both of them were not old enough to drive. The two teens were introduced to our comedians friend and the four of them began partying. The partying involved a lot of coke and booze and there was sex. Apparently the teen who was being sexually assaulted by the future A+ lister began having convulsions from the combination of drugs and booze and died right there in this cabin in the woods.

The future A+ list celebrity had access to some very helpful assistance due to his position and the now dead teen was removed and taken to a distant location. Her parents were informed their daughter had died of a drug overdose but nothing of the circumstances or who she was with. The other teen was sworn to secrecy and remarkably enough, let go to return home.

Our comedian went back to Los Angeles, but did tell his girlfriend what happened. His girlfriend told him he should go to the police or even better blackmail the future A+ lister for some money. The comedian said no and that was the end of it. What did happen because of this is that our comedian got sober. For a couple of months he was sober. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, his girlfriend was using the information she had received and was trying to make some money by blackmailing.

One night, the comedian went out to work and met up with a man who drugged the comedian. He then carried the comedian to his car and brought him home. Then, for the next 12 hours, the stranger raped the girlfriend and said next time she tried to blackmail anyone, she would be killed. When the comedian came to and found out what happened, he told the girlfriend to drop it. She didn't. She decided to press charges against the man. There were some strings pulled and some money distributed and a mistrial was declared.

Fast forward to the summer of 1991. Our future A+ lister is in the Bohemian Grove where his future is being debated. Basically it comes down to whether he will be a future A+ lister or will someone else. This messy incident involving the two teens is problematic. The girlfriend of the comedian is problematic. It is agreed that the other teen involved - the one who was let go needs to be killed. She is a loose end and knows the whole story. They agree to have her killed and the future A+ lister is chosen to be the A+ lister they know he can be.

The teen is killed under very mysterious circumstances. It was designed to look like it could be a few different reasons, but when the toxicology report showed coke and tranquilizers, police just chalked it up to drugs and let it go.

Fast forward to the spring of 1992. Our future A+ lister continues to clean up his messes and one of those messes is that our comedian is getting nervous and his girlfriend who is about to be his wife is getting nervous. They want to speak out about the soon to be A+ lister but know what happened the last time the girlfriend tried. The comedian decides to pick up the phone and calls our soon to be A+ lister.

Everything sounds good on the phone and our comedian relaxes. He relaxes so much that he decides to take his girlfriend on vacation and they end up getting married. Meanwhile, the powers that be know something has to be done. The comedian and his now wife are big loose ends and especially the wife needs to be killed. So, they arrange for an accident. To find their killer, they go to the boyfriend of the teen who was recently killed and tell him that the comedian gave his girlfriend the drugs and then raped her and killed her and that the wife of the comedian was there too.

The teen wants revenge and he gets it. He kills the comedian and almost kills the wife. Because he is a teen, he ended up doing no time for the death and no one even knew his name. They muddied the waters of the accident by making sure that the comedian also had some drugs in his system. Coke and tranquilizers which were the go to drugs of this group.

The wife learned to stay quiet after that and the future A+ lister became an A+ lister.


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Bobby Digital said...

AKA is right on the money. Both sides of the aisle are beyond corrupt and sick

Bobby Digital said...

It’s like wwe wrestling. These sick reps and dems show in public that they hate each other, when in reality they are all buddy buddy. All the world is a stage and we are all being played

Bobby Digital said...

I’m not going to throw the baby out with the bath water here. Just because Alex Jones is clearly controlled opposition, and I found his bohemian grove vid to be unbelievable, he does give a lot of truth, but like any good controlled op, he mixes it with total crap. I will side with John Doe as all of this is connected to dark dark stuff. Satanism exists and the whole point of pedophelia for these people is for energy. Crowley gives us all the answers for why they do what they do, and all of these revelations make so much more sense given this context. This stuff is hard to believe, but unfortunately it’s the truth.

just sayin' said...

i don't know guys, bringing satanism into it seems pretty far-fetched. damaged psyches from childhood trauma is the reason people have inappropriate attractions. if a molester does do it in the name of satanism, i think they're joining satanism as a cover for their pedophilic urges, not engaging in pedophilia because their religion calls for it.

Ur girl herel said...

Clinton was notorious for his antics with women in Arkansas also many of those women were threatened.
Clinton was said to be involved with the Mena operations also there were 2 teenage boys that were killed and placed on railroad tracks that is all connected somehow, so moving the teenage girl to another location to cover up involvement fits.

Mignonette Mizrahi said...

Hastert is a Republican. It is W. Papa Bush was CIA and had the pull to be able to do this without leaving a trace.
The Clintons have issues but the fever to make them more powerful than they are is crazy. They couldn't have done that then or ever.

AB said...

Anyone who wants to know the actual truth needs to understand, basically the Dems and Reps are just play names for the elites who divide and manipulate the masses into constant chaos. Don't know that much about the Bohemian Grove, but in reality, the whole bunch of them are together, playing good cop bad cop, depending on which side you are on at the moment. Google the photo of Bill Clinton, GHW Bush and George Wallace sitting at a table yucking in up over drinks. Clinton was a v young man at the time. They suck in the ones they think can be a winner and can be controlled. They devise ways to control them, either by blackmail, extortion or threats (read up on Brownstoning) This is going on today in CIA, FBI, Deep State. Like him or not Trump is OBVIOUSLY not playing their little clubby game of quid pro quo. The crimes this group have committed would send you to the hospital in grief. Human trafficking, child sex crimes, weapons smuggling, drug smuggling, pushing opiods on unsuspecting people, betraying the military in a million different ways. Corrupting the top general and admirals. Especially in the Navy. Giving weapons to our enemies. And killing anyone who stands in their way is all in a days work. They outsource some of their dirty work to gangs like MS13. (See Seth Rich murder) There are mountains of evidence that they are working against americans every day. The evidence is there. Yu need to do a little research.

just sayin' said...

thinking about people's worries about satanism/alistair crowley, etc... that got started in the 60's in san franciso. it was hippie-chic and counter-culture. rosemary's baby was a huge hit. but it was on the same level as today's musicians putting illuminati symbolism into their work. it's edgy, dark, makes them look elite. does anyone really believe that lady gaga or beyoncé and jayz are holding baby-eating rituals in their spare time? it's fashion.

just sayin' said...

wait a sec....one caveat! charles manson and co took satanism, or purported satanism to a different level. i don't mean to equate that sort of thing with today's music industry. that was one insane man and a cult he started, not part of a greater, organized satanic religion's activities.

just sayin' said...

loookout mountain: the points you brought up about iran-contra and smuggling cocaine through arkansas, bush and clinton possibly colluding, are so intriguing -- i'd love to know more about that.

Fufu Lou said...

+1 it's obvious if you haven't picked a side but it's hard to break the conditioning.

Fufu Lou said...

Thank you.

Fufu Lou said...


Nosey Wosey said...
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designace001 said...

Bill Clinton Bohemian Grove 1991 - timing is perfect for the blind

B2 saying that C ‘was a brother from another mother’. By this time period the Bush Clinton legacy was already sealed, presuming after all, they’d been in business together for a while by then together. Bill was a way to extend the Bush reign well into the future giving B2 his chance at a later date. They also needed a hip Democrat then, to affect the Climate Act (read NAFTA) and paired with Gore it was an expedient way for the NeoCons to affect a change they never would have been able to sell themselves, under the guise of saving the planet. Jerry got California (for most of my life) as a booby prize. 

John Doe and Cail are correct, partisan politics, for the most part is an illusion and way more mind bending bad shit has gone on than is even seemingly believable. The more you look, the more you’ll see and then you get to the point you won’t be able to unsee, by then the patterns become unmistakable. Weird thing, all this information is readily available, here and there buried like terma. Four decades of these little snippets provides an abundance of context.

I’ll speculate BG (like The Island) is a place to compromise people, when you get to a certain level, that is part of the deal making. If you haven’t been brown stoned, you don’t play. Remember as well, B1 was also implicated in the Franklin Case as a participant in Larry King’s parties. Testimony in that trial was graphic regarding BG.



“Al Gore is declared as Bill’s running mate. Jerry Brown’s inspired run for President ends on a sour note at the Democratic Convention as he and his delegates are virtually silenced.”
Spin The Year in Music December 1992

It’s all the same.

designace001 said...
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Justin Cleaver said...
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Justin Cleaver said...

Sam Kinnison and Bill Hicks (now known as Alex Jones). Both their families were Evangelicals. Both of them were aspiring comedians.They both met in Texas in the early 80's doing comedy. Bill was known in Texas but nowhere else. He achieved international fame in the early 90's. He died in 1994 of Pancreatic Cancer. Bill Hicks is an A+ lister and is listed as the 13th greatest stand-up comedian of all-time by Rolling Stone magazine.
Alex Jones appears from nowhere within the next year or so with the same manager (look at the youtube for videos regarding his plastic surgeries and similar likes, character and personality traits). Alex Jones gained fame by being the first (and only) outsider to ever enter the Bohemian Grove (he didn't really find much of anything). He was chosen not for political office but for media influence. Like him or not, he is an A+ lister.
Alex Jones use the phrase "Cabin in the woods" every now and then and more frequently refers to his past days as a hell-raiser.
Alex Jones is "Fake Opposition" for the Establishment/PTB/Deep State. Exposing Alex Jones as Bill Hicks would do a lot of damage to the "Truth Movement" and "Alt-Right".

figgy said...


Mary C. Evans said...

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Unknown said...

I think it's Jim Carey or Robin Williams

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