Monday, January 08, 2018

Golden Globes Photos Part Three

Jessica Biel or as she is referred to by her husband, "This one."
Mandy Moore
Jessica Chastain
Dakota Johnson
Kerry Washington
Alison Williams
Kate Hudson


Tricia13 said...

Timberlake shade lol...
Dakota looked really pretty... love that dress and the women that did black,but with some flair....
Kate Hudson,this does not apply to you😰

Glue said...

Jessica Biel or "This one." = HYPOCRITE

Mandy Moore = HYPOCRITE

Jessica Chastain = HYPOCRITE

Dakota Johnson = HYPOCRITE

Kerry Washington = HYPOCRITE

Alison Williams = HYPOCRITE

Kate Hudson = HYPOCRITE
/begin rant/

Every woman and man who attended the Golden Globes is a hypocrite, liar, enabler and basically just as bad as the rapists and pedophiles.
They are all full of shit and they will continue to do this and make their millions because many in "murica" believe this "times up" bullshit fake movement.

/rant over/

Tuesdi said...

I love the Timberlake shade, too! I'm surprised he didn't jump in front of her during this picture. Twerp. Agree that Dakota's dress looked good. HUGE improvement over the crap she wore last year during awards.

RingoSkater said...

You said it, Glue. And weren't these GG Awards cheeky? This whole scandal is Hollywood's monster baby, and somehow there they all are congratulating themselves on how righteous they are? THEY have know all about this stuff, but they're only creating hashtag movements because WE have now found out about it.

rosie riveter said...

I agree that most all of them are hypocrites. Starting with Meryl streep, I loathe her. And OPRAH? fuck right off with that. As soon as she starts living the authentic life she espouses, I might consider listening. Until then, gross. All of them are revolting

Nutty_Flavor said...

@Glue, what's with the "Murica"? I live abroad, so I'm not sure what it means. Is it a term of contempt for all Americans, or just some specific Americans?

Looks like Alison Williams bought her dress at Target. Too bad she couldn't have the Target Dog as her +1.

Tricia13 said...

Then you must love that Meryl just said that Oprah “MUST run for President on the next election...” that she “has no choice....
Ok Meryl. Ok.

Nutty_Flavor said...

Yeah, I don't think Oprah wants the partisan press digging around in her private life or her business dealings.

Khaleesi said...

+1 to all of the Meryl and Oprah contempt. So frustrating that most people seem to buy into the BS, especially with Meryl.

I don't care for Dakota but thought her dress was beautiful and actually liked her entire look. None of these dresses are photographing well except for Dakota's and Allison Janney's.

Guesser said...

Timberlake has his panties in a knot every time his wife upstages him. She finally has a decent career,and he can't take it. Lol at the jumping in front of her,remember the wedding photos?

boredatwork boredatwork said...

Fuck Oprah, fuck Meryl, fuck all the turds who think we are all just a bunch of uneducated plebeian rednecks, who need to be told by people who play make-belief for a living, how to live our lives.
This last election should have showed them that most people, don't give a rats arse.

But turds don't learn lessons or make any sense, so I guess they'll just continue.

Truthseeker said...

I am glad I am not the only one that really really dislikes Oprah. I have for over 25 years now, just can not stomach her at all.
The rest, they make me shake my head, honestly 99% of them willingly allowed the predators to continue, they welcomed it, because they would do anything to be famous. It has been going on a long long long time and they all know it. You cant willingly go to the casting couch then complain about the person who took you there.
Case, i read the tweets of an "actress" on twitter last night, she was the one that called out Franco, yes i know he is a douche, but she complained that he paid her 100.00 a day to get nude in a film, twice, she works 4 jobs to make it in LA, she wants to be famous, she obviously took the 100.00 and agreed to the full nudity in a film, though she said, I complained, he said it was art. WEll honey if it BOTHERS you, you walk off the set, period. She did it, twice, and now wants to go on twitter to talk about it, in the hopes that she will be noticed and offered a role because she spoke out. SMH.
I have not watched an awards show in years, once the stars found it necessary to make it their own political or personal agenda platform, i was done.
The black was ridiculous.

Glue said...

@Nutty Flavor - it's an ignorant term used to describe ignorant people. In retrospect, I wish I had not used it. I actually do not like that term - I was so irritated by the blatant hypocrisy in this world I stooped down to a level of which I'm not proud.

Count Jerkula said...

Now this is one top flight crop of gash! 2 of the greatest dumpers on the planet w/ Hudson and Beil, plus A-will w/ the ass eating gif. Add to that Washington's DSLs and Chastain's fire crotch and there are some tough decisions to make here.

P - Williams - it boiled down to Hudson, A-will and Chastain for this spot. A-Will prolly got the most tread left and I'd finagle some ass eating one way or another.

M - Washington - I could jack off just looking as her mouth and imaning how good it must feel

B - Beil - this was the first cut. I love Hudson's ass, it looks so cute and dainty in old pics, but Beil got an ass that you can't pass on. Firm, round, sturdy, it can take a pounding. Would spend a lot of time massaging and eating it prior to penetration.

Snootches said...

Not a fan of Allison William's look here. She looks... awkward as fuck

Fufu Lou said...


Kiki said...

Dakota looked stunning! One of the best of the night!

katsm0711 said...

I can’t stand oprah either! Yes, it’s amazing that she’s a billionaire but what is her business? She’s basically a motivational speaker and I don’t think that’s a skill we need for our president. I think she’d have to be crazy to run.


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