Monday, January 08, 2018

Golden Globes Photos Part Two

Saoirse Ronan
Reese Witherspoon
Nicole Kidman
Eva Longoria
Penelope Cruz
Mary J Blige
Halle Berry


Glue said...

Saoirse Ronan = HYPOCRITE

Reese Witherspoon = HYPOCRITE

Nicole Kidman = HYPOCRITE

Eva Longoria = HYPOCRITE

Penelope Cruz = HYPOCRITE

Mary J Blige = HYPOCRITE

Halle Berry = HYPOCRITE

Tuesdi said...

Oh Halle. Why?

Rinky said...

Halle looks incredibly masculine there. Not a good look for her.

I like Nicole's dress though.

Nutty_Flavor said...

Saoirse's dress looks like leftover wardrobe from a Duran Duran video, circa 1982. She's a living Patrick Nagel graphic.

Nutty_Flavor said...

Now I've got "Her name is Rio..." stuck in my head.

Barbara RiceHand said...

I’m getting a Whitney Houston crack vibe from Mary Blige. And I never knew black could be so unflattering until I seen Reese.

Moose said...

Mary J. Blige looked amazing last night.

Saorise, the butch look really is not your thing.

boredatwork boredatwork said...








Sd Auntie said...

Boredatwork needs to be fired. Another troll.....

Sign Name Below said...

@Nutty Blogger not letting me comment, but I keep trying bc I want to applaud your brilliant observation and Nagel reference. Spot on!! Personally I now have "(might as well face it, you're) Addicted to Love" stuck in my head.

Count Jerkula said...

P - Berry - that bitch so crazy there is a 0% chance she don't through amazing pussy on ya.

M - Reese - Lovely mouth and face to splooge all over.

B - Cruz - scrappy lil Latinas have given me wood since I saw Veronica Rodriguez twerkin like a cracked out rabbit at a porn expo.


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