Monday, February 12, 2018

Blind Item #13

There is an A-  / B+ list actress you all know.  She had a very public meltdown a short time ago.  Let’s call her G.  G has always been out for only herself.  G is known for ruthlessly and nefariously pursuing her ambitions.

G began her career as a mostly-movie actress, with a series of small, low-paying roles.  About a decade and a half ago, G scored her first good, steady work.  G joined a popular, long-running almost network TV series as a main character, at about the halfway point in the series. 

As that TV series was winding down, G was looking for her next gig.  She ran into an A list director at a film festival.  Let’s call him D.  D was promoting a big film he directed, based on a novel.  Let’s call that film OT.  OT had an ensemble cast, loaded with stars.  OT had a special A+ guest director as well, with whom D has worked on many projects.   Let’s call him RD.   RD has been in the news recently, and not in a good way.

D’s wife produced OT, as well as many of his other films.  At the time of this film festival, D’s wife of about a decade and a half was heavily pregnant with their 5th child, so she stayed home.     

G ended up on D’s lap during one of the parties at this film festival, while rubbing an ice cube all over her body.  G and D left the party together.  This all happened in front of many people. 

The tabloids quickly got word of G and D.  D’s marriage ended pretty quickly.  G got a starring role in the next film D directed.  It was the 1st part of a double feature.  Let’s call this film T1.  RD produced T1.  G and D's relationship was not serious during the filming of T1 - more of a dalliance. 

After filming for T1 wrapped, the 2nd half of the double-feature was scheduled to film several months later.  Let’s call this film T2.  T2 was set to be a much bigger film than T1.  RD directed T2.  D produced T2.   D sent G to casting couch RD, for a role in T2.  RD was also at that film festival, when D and G first got together.  D even gave G instructions on what to wear and what to do for RD.  G flew out to meet RD for the occasion.  G got a supporting role in T2.

G and D got more serious after T2 wrapped.  About a year later, they got engaged. 

For a few years, G and D both tried to gloss over the fact that their relationship began when D was married to his then-pregnant wife.  They were able to obtain some favorable press, claiming that their relationship began during the filming of T1, which was after D had already separated from his wife.

D and G broke off their engagement after 2 years.  That was probably a good idea. 

Recently, G decided to very publicly tell the truth about when her relationship began with D.  She just leaves out the part about D being married to someone else at the time.

In return, D called out G on some of her lies.  G recently claimed that D sold T1 to that disgraced A list producer (whom G accused of raping her) out of pure spite.   D pointed out that prior to shooting T1, the disgraced A list producer’s company had 1st look rights, and its parent company had already agreed to finance the film.  G also recently claimed that D played mind games with her during the filming of T1.   D and G got engaged about a year later, right after T2 wrapped - so D clearly got over whatever problems she is now claiming happened with the whole thing. 

D, G, and RD all stay quiet about the most important thing which happened on the set of T1.  D assaulted a stunt man on camera.  The footage was destroyed.  D and RD got the stunt man to agree not to tell anyone about it.

The entire double-feature was a financial disappointment at the box-office. 

At one time, D also pursued sisters related to his ex-wife.  D’s now ex-wife does still produce some of his most recent films.   


G =
TV series =
Film Festival:
D =
OT =
RD =
T1 =
T2 =
Double Feature:
Disgraced former A list producer:
D’s ex-wife / producer:


sandybrook said...

I see we are on Rose MacGowens ass again today Enty. Rose and Rodrieguez and Rodrieguez wife

Dena said...

^^Yes! TV show was Charmed.

MontanaMarriott said...

Rose McGowan

Planet Terror Double Feature

sandybrook said...

Grindhouse for the flop?

Dena said...

Rodriguez's ex-wife is Elizabeth Avellan who produced Grindhouse.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Didn't we already know all of this?
The only "shocker" here was the assault Rose had nothing to do with.

Qsb said...

Rose McGowan
Robert Rodriguez

JezebelinHell said...

Why is this a blind? None of this is news.

Samantha Willow said...

cheesegrater15 said...

Wow, even I got this one.

What is Entward's issue with Rose?

The G Man said...

"sisters related to his ex-wife" = Electra & Elise Avellan, twin nieces of Elizabeth Avellan.

A dumb idiot said...

Enty has long been rumored to be friends with Shannon Doherty, who McGowan replaced on Charmed.

Bubble said...

Double feature Grindhouse: Planet Terror/Death Proof

These movies suuuuuucked.

James said...

Aside from the assault, none of this is new or surprising. Everyone knows that Rodriquez left his wife for McGowan. I'm pretty sure the Hollywood Reporter even mentioned it at the time.

timebob said...

Rose could be a money grubbing career parasite. And still have been raped. It doesn't lessen the crime committed against her. She also grew up in a cult. I am sure that didn't help with her mental health issues. I don't think she is crying wolf, I think she is just crying out for someone to finally listen.

Your vs. You're said...

I totally understand why and how angry McGowan is for the HW rape. So yeah, act out your anger to whatever degree you want, IF you DON’T plan on being such an outspoken supporter for the #MeToo movement.

Anger is one thing, but uncontrolled rage is another. It would seem that she could make a more positive contribution to the movement if she were to stop the foul-mouthed, raging, uncontrolled tirades. Also, the vicious public (online) attacks on others.

I CRINGE when I see that because I feel it undermines the legitimacy of a movement that can so completely destroy a man’s acting career and reputation. If there IS to be justice for the real pervs and better alleviate doubt about the accusations, perhaps there could be another level-headed celebrity to take over the spotlight.

When I see such ferocity behind the accusations and verbal attacks from McGowan, it makes me far less willing to believe the “actual magnitude” of perverted behavior being outed in Hollywood.

If you’re going to “destroy” a man, be a reliable and respectable trailblazer.

Just sayin’.

Chantal said...

Wow. Longtime reader/lurker, occasional commenter here. I can impartially say that Enty Rose McGowan hate is VERY obvious.

T. W. said...

This is the first I heard of it. I do not understand this blind. Can someone please ELI5? Thank you.

Spider Rico said...

So who assaulted the Stunt Man? No way Tarantino or Rodriguez did that to a Stunt guy. McGowan?

Youtoo said...

This was all in her book. She did mention that she started her relationship with him while he was married.

plot said...

Looks like D assaulted the stuntman, who looks to be Robert Rodriguez. What kind of assault was caught on camera the BI leaves ambiguous.

We need Danny Trejo to sort this out for us as an objective observer.

Sallysal said...

Old news already out in the gossip universe, not much of it is blind or new. But nice to be reminded how Rose went after & broke up Rodriguez’s marriage while his wife was pregnant

Starry-eyed said...


plot said...

The news is the assault and making a pass at the twin sisters. Sure, it's a buried lead but DAMN!

Samantha Willow said...

We need MACHETE. He makes great donuts. Seriously, I enjoyed the Grindhouse films and one of the best scenes ever was Rose with the gun for a leg. That being said I'm out of RA due to the insane tirades/attacks and no longer supporting QT after what he did to UT.

gauloise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malamia said...

G = Rose McG
TV series = Charmed
Film Festival: ?
D = R. Rodriguez
OT = Sin City
RD = Tarantino
T1 = Grindhouse double-feature (Planet Terror)
T2 = Death Proof
Double Feature: Grindhouse
Disgraced former A list producer: Weinstein
D’s ex-wife / producer: Elizabeth Avellan

gauloise said...

So rodriguez made his girlfriend Rose sleep with tarantino for a role? would think he would have more power to cast her , unless he got off on it

Spider Rico said...

Rodriguez assaulted a Stunt guy? On what planet is he a tough guy...?

SteveD said...

Rose was the lead of Planet Terror and she still had to bang Q for a bit part in Death Proof?

ZantiMissKnit said...

Was it a stunt "man" who was assaulted by Rodriguez? Zoe Bill did do stunts in that movie.

Mad Hominem said...

D’s wife of about a decade and a half was heavily pregnant with their 5th child, so she stayed home

That "5th child" was the clincher. Not many people in H'wood have that many kids.

Boy, the bloom sure has faded from Rose's rose in the blogosphere. First, the relatives of her deceased manager Missick throw cold water on the "Weinstein raped me" claim, and now this.

Brayson87 said...

Ah, D for Desperado, RD for Reservoir Dogs.

Brayson87 said...

I remember when they were pimping Red Sonja together, thick as thieves.

Sd Auntie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boldblonde said...

aww thank you :) @SdAuntie

Mag said...

This is clearly meant to be McGowan, Rodriguez and his producer wife, their 5 children, Tarrantino and Grindhouse. No surprise here.

However, some years ago Enty had a BI suggesting that RR's marriage fell apart because Rose got pregnant by RR, told him about the baby, and he confessed to the wife. The wife left him, but sooon after Rose got an abortion without telling RR, so finally their relationship fell apart, too. I have no time to check the timelines here, but there seem to be some discrepancies between these two blinds. Just saying.

Shawn McGuire said...

The grind house movies were awesome. The crash scene in Death Proof is Tarantino’s Hitchcock shower scene, absolutely stunning.

Sean said...

Why is this a blind?

kelli grrrl said...

@gauloise ---- I would think Rodriguez told McGowan about Tarantino's foot fetish. I can also totally picture Tarantino's casting couch as a poofy velvet ottoman on which to put nicely manicured toes & a smooth, callous-free foot.

rosie riveter said...

After reading Rose's words to her publicist family, or the air, or whoever she was talking to- I have a totally different opinion of RW.
She is crazy
"The bad man got us" ??
It's like taking someone seriously when they say "daddy"
Anyway, that's where I'm at with her crazy ass

Jaded Horror Geek said...

G = Rose McGowan
TV Series = Charmed
Film Festival = Cannes
D = Robert Rodriguez
OT =Sin City
T1 = Planet Terror
T2 = Death Proof
RD = Quentin Tarantino
Double Feature: Grindhouse
Disgraced Former Producer: Harvey Weinstein
D's Ex Wife: Elizabeth Avellán

loopymommy said...

Kno Won Uno said...


Kno Won Uno said...

He sure ran a lot of Shannon Doherty pics whenever he could.

Kno Won Uno said...

Yeah, I didn’t buy that.

Elizabeth S. said...

She didn't "break up his marriage". He threw it away of his own volition.

Kno Won Uno said...

The pedo-ring conspiracy writers must be on vacation

Elizabeth S. said...

How much of each? I have Hashimoto's and my doctor told me to eat Brazil nuts for selenium, but I hate them!

Kno Won Uno said...

Well, her attacks on everyone else in the Me Too thing was a clue.
I don’t doubt Rose’s story, but I can’t endorse her trans-phobia and pointless bitchiness at everyone who didn’t kiss her ass or make her the epicenter of the movement.
She’s a holy terror on twitter.

TwoDots said...

I just can’t with Rose. I sympathize massively with what she experienced, but I think she can also behave appallingly, and I have no time for that. Her silence re. Victor Salva is deafening, and she needs to get outta here with “RoseArmy” hashtag.

Sekrit said...

I thought a few things in this timeline were already 'out there', but there are also some things missing, like:

1. Robert did actually tell Elizabeth he cheated and they stayed close (still do, especially for their kids)
2. Rose apparently got pregnant (I really don't know if this is true or just more of her attention-grabbing lies and bullshit), but she used it to keep Robert with her and he was super excited
3. When she lost the 'baby', he was devastated. She seemed fine.
4. She was generally awful when it came to Elizabeth.

I feel like I'm missing something but I can't remember right now

Malignment said...

meanwhile Rose McGowan’s agent commits suicide and it feels like anything but a coincidence.

Chancey Gardener said...

Someone ask @Comedystuntshow on Twitter. He was one of the stuntmen on Planet Terror.

Unknown said...

There is one place i really don't want to be and it is inside the mind of Rose. Too bad Rodriquez is not emotionally healthy, he's attractive.

Court b said...


luckythewondercat said...

I am tired of Rose. Let's get back to the pointers for post menopause dieting. My ENTIRE thyroid was removed in my early 30s. The weight gain is bad enough but I just want some energy.

Ben Grimm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faithnz said...

The only person who broke up Robert Rodriguez marriage is Robert Rodriguez. Yes she knew he was married, but he CHOSE to screw someone else.
Stop blaming Rose and blame him. He had a wife and 5 kids. He shit over all that, its all on him.
Sick of people that always blame the women. Like when Brad Pitt chose to cheat on Jen, he chose that noone else. He broke his marriage up.

Faithnz said...

I agree with all the other guesses. Entys got a bacon hate for Rose.

John Cantor said...

Well, "hate' might be a strong word for Enty. I personally think he simply just has a good eye for hypocrisy. I don't mean to speak for Enty and my opinion is just that, but I see Enty trying to get us to see our own hypocrisy. We are all too blinded by our own lifetime of Hollywood conditioning that we all fail to see the bigger picture. Why is it that we continue to see some of the same behavior as Weinstein in every blind, why Weinstein acts like all of this is no big deal and doesn't too worried like this will all eventually go away? (especially if he is visiting one of those 'church' compounds)

It is because the levels of complicity are so intricate and everyone is so complicit that everything is at a stalemate. It looks like Harvey's enabler has been set up (by Obamas Head of the SBA no less!?!) ((can someone page Abel Danger please)) to inherit his holdings although NYS is trying to get an injunction on that, so it looks as though more than a few people had mechanizations for the future of Weinstein Brothers Entertainment. Does it look as though the #MeToo movement, having being primarily focused on Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan, is really just some kind of devious mechanization of Hollywood's clerical hogwarts to begin with? I hope not for those whose damage is very real.

I mean it's not that McGowan's hypocrisy isn't glaringly obvious, considering her background and her fruits along with the DEAFINING SILENCE ABOUT THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF MALE POWER NOT ONLY OF ABOVE AGE FEMALES BUT ABOVE AGE MALES AND UNDERAGE MALES AND FEMALES,from her and the rest of Hollywood. There is an eery silence about all of the blinds we have witnessed here that also blend into every conspiracy known to the world. We know these things are happening but it seems every voice of dissent is muted. Many of the ancillary revelations that joined the #MeToo movement are being ignored and shamed and the entire episode is looking like the ploy outlined by Enty about Singer's lawyer's, a ploy to flush out more victims that will settle privately.


John Cantor said...


(The wands in the Harry Potter films are made from the wood of the Holly shrub) Hollywood cannot simply just give up one of their own. Beside what dirt Harvey has on a hundred actors and directors, producers, studio heads and politicians, Old Harvey has made Hollywood ALOT of money. But that's not the only thing you see, as I said above everyone is COMPLICIT...


This is the hypocrisy Enty is trying to illuminate, right Enty?

Enty knows Rose made her deal with the devil. Yes, she is a victim, and has been since childhood. Her childhood was stolen along with thousands of other children by Berg's CIA cult that still operates to this day. Rose is suffering. From the looks of Rose's last book signing Rose needs trusted frienship and help, preferably someone who has reliable experience in dealing with multiple personalities and bi-polar disorder from the traumas she endured as a child. It seriously looks like she is having a very hard time dealing with all of this pressure. First Rose needs to help herself before she can do much more for the #MeToo movement. But just to outline a bit more of what I mean by Hollywood complicity, in respect to Rose, is that she worked alongside many in the industry that have the potential or were accused of crimes against women for many years on many different projects, projects like her OWN THAT DEALT IN MATTERS OF THE OCCULT IN "CHARMED" ALONGSIDE CONTROVERSY LADEN MILANO AND DOHERTY. Why do you think ALL THREE of these troubled possibly abused stars were picked to be on a show about witches?

Hollywood full on knows witches and wizards do not exist in the capacity of say a Disney mouse or a CW CGI mess, but they DO EXIST in the capacity that these shows are designed to create an imaginary space for you to go and NOT THINK about a damn thing while they replace your core values with GARBAGE from the inside out. Hollywood has taken those childhood fantasies and EXTENDED THEM UP INTO ADULTHOOD which has had the effect of adult onset REGRESSION. Modern programming is currently working many different demographics while blending others, while some are like oil and water. Millennials hate all of us as in like a 1984 kind of hate BUT ALL OF US WERE INCULCATED BY OUR GENERATIONS TELEVISION AND ENTERTAINMENT "PROGRAMMING" APPARATUS FOR OVER THE PAST 70 YEARS AND MORE.


John Cantor said...

For a long time now, the television and Hollywood studios have slowly molded you into the kind of person they have wanted you to be. I know this might sound insane and very direct, but it is the truth. All that bullshit about music and television NOT effecting you negatively is completely wrong, it does effect you and in fact it has shaped your entire environment and belief system. Ernst Goebbels, Hitler's brainwashing technician, motivated by psychologists and advertisers like Frank Baum and Dale Carnegie, set about CHANGING SOCIAL ATTITUDES WITH FILM AND PROPAGANDA. Project paperclip, the ratline influx of nazi scientists, doctors and brass facilitated the engineered conditioning of America through the already same people that helped create the war in Hollywood and Big Industry.

Disney, Columbia (Goddess Diana; ISIS), (W) Weinsten, ALL of them what does it matter they are all involved with a form of AMBIENT Mk-Ultra PROGRAMMING and it is as simple as Disney Prince and Princess programming. These kids were caught in pink and blue Disneyland in their comfy little imaginations ALL OF THEIR LIVES, and when any real confrontation with reality happens or something enters their comfort zone it's WWIII time, shit's on, it's time to throw down,when in fact none of them know how to really throw down they are such pussies that they go and get something that throws a chunk of metal at 3000 mph. It's called a breakdown alter, and it's breed into a surprisingly large amount of the population, that's why we see all these mentally unstable people causing so much havoc, it is the literal releasing of the demons inculcated by the bush's drug cartels of meth, heroin and cocaine and the hardcore pornography.

It get's much more personal in One-on-One Mk-Ultra Monarch programming. See, this is another example of Hollywood's silent CIA hypocrisy, they outline the entire Mk-Ultra program with the Bourne movies but call US CONSPIRACY NUTS when we imply that people like Damon cover up for Weinstein BECAUSE OF THEIR PERIPHERY TO SOME OF THOSE VERY SAME PROGRAMS THROUGH THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (Who's connected to the Bush's and therefore the CIA and the OSS and Project Paperclip)

Thank You I want my freedom back!!!


atd8vii said...

I remember circa 2007/2008 reading about Rodriguez and MacGowan being together after he left his wife. It was pretty hard to miss considering they were happy to be photographed in public.

Moi said...

Completely OT - help please!! Is there something happening with this site? Am I being paranoid or is my computer to blame?
For the last week or so, I cannot access this site for more than 30 seconds. I get the warning that the site has a dodgy certificate. When I click 'Yes' to proceed 14,000 times, I can get through, then it freezes. It then tells me that it is not responding due to a long running script. (I Googled this shit and the fixes don't help.) After this, it freezes again. I have to refresh only to have the whole circus start again. This only happens on THIS SITE and none of the other 20 or so that I visit.
Have I been reading too many Himmmm stories? Am I becoming a paranoid conspiracy nutter??
Has anyone else had these issues? Do you have any advice as how to fix it? I do LOVE me some Enty and need my fix. Frankly, this freezing nonsense is giving me the major shits.

J said...

Apparently Weinstein went down on Rose first. Could she have closed her legs and tried saying no? Not if she wanted that role... It's the R word with a Hollywood twist. #equality

J-Mo said...

@Moi, I've had no issues with this site, I've only had TMZ, DM and one or two others close and reload. I'm not on a PC though, I'm using an IPad. I recall others mentioning problems here maybe last week so you may get some answers in the a.m. Good luck.

Agnieszka B. said...

Rose wasn't raped, if you read about this incident in her book, it's obvious that she could quite easy avoid it. She is typical opportunist who is now angry that sleeping with Weinstein didn't help much her career. Hollywood it's full of this kind of women and always was. Stop feel for them.

Agnieszka B. said...

And maybe we could call it Karma for rose for being homewrecker and a woman without any morals and scrupulous.

Henriette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Henriette said...

I never liked Rose MacGowan, and I know this one!
G=Rose MacGowan
TV series=Charmed
Film Festival=Sundance for From Dusk 'til Dawn
RD=Quentin Tarrantino
T1=Planet Terror
T2=Death Proof or Machete (all her scenes were cut from it)
Double Feature: Grindhouse
Disgraced A list producer: Harvey Weinstein
Ex-wife=Elizabeth Avellan (who still produces his stuff)


Thanks for this. I knew most but the alphabet stuff was too much. I didn't get Sin City

pillsberry said...

I do not fully understand the dynamics of Rose and Enty. I normally read/lurk and move on except for the blinds that consume such as the A.Villaraigosa/Ronni Chasen ones and any pedophilia related blinds like the ongoing church/Geffen/Singer/Schneider/etc... blinds. I've spent way too much time on those.

These blinds about Rose are starting to concern me because she is a face of the #metoo movement. Her lack of transparency and COMPLETE honesty in other matters (ie. Salva) do not change her being a victim of rape however, if more is disclosed, that could leave a slight tarnish on the #metoo movement. What if the blood of Jill Merrick is on her hands? You then have a manipulative, insane murderer heavily attached to #metoo. The accused abusers in Hollywood and elsewhere would love to discredit the awareness work that has been done. I know she's not the only face but she seems to currently be a prominent face in the movement and she is certainly one of the loudest.

Of course, these are just my concerns and opinions. I'm simply watching where it all will lead.

P.S. is there a hashtag designated to child sex trafficking and assault? I feel like it shouldn't be wrapped up in #metoo

CopperHueHoosier said...

Rose McGowan is a special snowflake who's melting. Her winters war needs to end. She is all for herself. I think that's evident when you are sent by your boyfriend to screw another man, and you do! That girls issues are not all Harvey Weinsteins doing but more to do with her poor decisions. She's crying out for help to be saved from HERSELF.
I have less pity for the WOMEN who have been "assaulted". There are so many of us women, whom as children, have suffered abuse at the hands of relatives. Family friends etc.
But she got licked by Harvey Weinstein and later regret it. A woman took her own life due to rose need for attention.
Now rose. Let's think of the children. The Children! If you want to be a champion of causes, now is the time to divert attention from thineslf and focus on healing children and outing their abusers. Get off your lily white horse, and thrust yourself into the lives of child victims. Help repair them. Rose, you are the first example of FUBAR I have ever seen. Maybe spending less time on Twitter and more time helping other victims, it may actually help you heal. Realize your stuff is miniscule compared to being knocked up by your uncle.
How come,normal people, who never get compensated, no money, no support choose to move on. But rose. Lily white snowflake rose needs to be "protected". She needs to be coddled. She needs to be heard.
Mic drop.

plot said...

" it's obvious that she could quite easy avoid it"

Rose was raised in an environment, a cult called Children of God, where saying "no" to a man of authority was not possible.

"But she got licked by Harvey Weinstein and later regret it."

Or she is making Harv the image of a lifetime of abuse.

"I do not fully understand the dynamics of Rose and Enty."

Nor do I. It seems like there are certain actresses, yes always actresses, that Enty has a hate-on for to the point where he is deliberately cruel. Maybe Rose is totally fuckt up. Okay, there is no maybe about it. But Enty rubbing salt in the wounds of a clearly disturbed human being shows his moral compass is less than stellar.

Rose didn't make her manager commit suicide. Jill had her own history of mental health issues. Rose didn't destroy the Rodriguez marriage. Robert did that all on his own (and evidently still works with his ex-wife.)

Rose is confabulating stories about events and people, that's true. Many mentally ill people do that especially in moments of extreme hysteria. Rose needs help now, not condemnation.

"She's crying out for help to be saved from HERSELF"

No doubt about it. Nonetheless, men in Hollywood use women like Rose constantly and summarily trash them afterwards as "crazy". Neat trick!

Doug said...

@John Cantor, thanks for the posts. I don't necessarily agree with every detail, nor disagree. Some of it we might not be able to verify, at least not now. But the assertion that film, television, and other mass media are used (by some people, to a significant extent) for purposes of social engineering of a nefarious kind is virtually unquestionable. We get a certain number of commenters here who throw out the usual "tinfoil hat" accusations. I think a few of them know better, but many are just conventional thinkers, despite high intelligence in some cases. The source material that describes conspiratorial reality is mostly of very low quality and unreliable. You have to curate your own sources. If you work at it, you'll start to see how dark things are.

Summer here yet?! said...

@Lucythewondercat: hahahaha
I went into menopause at 36 after dropping 100lbs via diet/exercise in 6 months. Doc said i went into it so early cuz I dropped so much so fast/heredity. Who knows. But, I was miserable and never found any relief, so try any and everything anyone suggests.
I DO still use a cooling pillow and cooling sheets which help with night sweats. I'm 57 and those are my only left over bitches.

Major G said...

G = Rose McGowan
TV series = Charmed
Film Festival: Sundance(?)
D = Robert Rodriguez
OT = Sin City
RD = Quentin Tarantino
T1 = Planet Terror
T2 = Death Proof
Double Feature: Grindhouse
Disgraced former A list producer: Weinstein
D’s ex-wife / producer: ?

Bobby Digital said...

This I saw how nasty Hollywood is. RR made her do this and then probably had Tarantino’s nasty sloppy seconds. What self respecting female would ever want to have sex with QT. Gross

Bobby Digital said...

Why can’t both share the blame. She knew he was married, she didn’t have to pursue him. They both were in the wrong

plot said...


That's an interesting question about sharing blame. I tend to blame the one in the relationship more because they didn't have the courage to stop things, go home, explain the need for a separation before returning for a relationship with the new romantic partner. These poor people with their lack of fulfillment from their partners need to fucking LEAVE if that is the case, pay the piper and move on. Trying to have it both ways, I think, earns them the bigger portion of the blame.

If RR's wife agreed to an open relationship on his end, that's another story, but it looks like she didn't.


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