Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blind Item #7

There is no way this A list singer can go on tour right now. Her label and her management team and promoters want her out here supporting her record. They have experience keeping people sober enough to perform. She wants no part of it though and it is costing everyone millions of dollars.


MDAnderson said...


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FatAssKellyPrice said...

Ariana Grande and Scooter Braun for the manager experienced in keeping talent siver enough to perform

sandybrook said...


bellabella said...

Sounds like a "scary" and "toxic" situation. I hope Ariana can keep her shit together. I pray for her "balance" and "sobriety."

Stupidpervs said...

Maybe she's not ready for a full blown tour..go pimp bieber cuz they handled that so well

hunter said...

Well I was happy to see Pete Davidson alive & kicking on the show last night.

Part of me wondered if that's why they trotted him out.


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