Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 12, 2018

This former A- list rapper might be headed back to jail. Apparently she is quickly blowing through her monthly check from the permanent A list rapper and is now stealing money from people again.

Foxy Brown/Jay Z


sandybrook said...

Skipping shows, keeping the check.

Cassie said...

Why is he paying her a monthly check? Also, I saw Foxy Brown at LaGuardia two years ago in the women's bathroom waiting for the same flight as me pacing back and forth with her shirt and bra pulled up and full on boobs just hanging out.

Unknown said...

If you are serious that sounds like that was some funny stuff to see

Cassie said...

I am dead serious. And it was...shocking at first really.

Amy said...

That sounds very normal.....

Unknown said...

Jay most definitely slept with her while she was still a teen, but I wonder why he paying her hush money..

Cree said...

Might be for that very reason. R.kelly and 69 get away with being pedos, but im sure jay-z doesnt want to add any fuel to his own fire.

Plus he's always been a snake, wouldnt be surprised if she knows something else.

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