Friday, September 21, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 14, 2018

Way to try and rewrite history you a-hole. Everyone on this earth knows you pressured your permanent A list ex wife to start taking drugs and then got her started on crack. No one believes your story that you were some kind of saint who was forced to sin. That is ridiculous.

Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston


sandybrook said...

He enabled her use because he did it too. But she was using before him.

Unknown said...

Wrong. She had a habit LONG BEFORE Bobby came along. Its well documented and if there's anything everybody knows its that. I worked at Arista. I know where all the bodies are buried.

Cree said...

She was doing drugs before him, dont try and pin that on him.

GingerDragon said...

I thought Whitney came into that relationship with a habit already. He did nothing to stop her from using. So that part is on him.

Cree said...

He was 20 and she was 26. She was an established drug addict when they met and then influenced him to start using himself.

At the end of the day you're responsible for yourself, but I dont think its fair to blame him for the fact that she continued to use. I cant speak to what he tried or didnt try to do, but there's always "shoulda, woulda, coulda" in retrospect.

Dont think its fair to push that big of blame on him.

Stupidpervs said...

Who is the dumbass that wrote this and can't Google or back up their info ..she was on drugs before him asshole ..she was on drugs after him asshole so I guess that proves yo r the asshole who can't do research

Stupidpervs said...

Her drug use is on her ...notice he's not dead she is. .so he's got his habit in check she didn't let's blame her family..her kids..her ex hubby...her friends ...heaven forbid people be responsible for their own demons....I hope you don't have kids your an enabler clear as day not putting the responsible party to blame ....well atleast they can tell you their bf/gf made them do it ..I'm aghast at the lack of ownership here ...but that's not your fault it's ours really.. .right ?

Brayson87 said...

Her being trapped in the closet is what drove her drug addiction. The closet kills.

I might be able to buy that he introduced her to crack, but she had other drug history before that.

Mstyles said...

Whitney is from Newark, NJ and everyone here knows and has known she was doing coke for MAD LONG before Bobby came around and everyone also knows she had a girlfriend here in Newark as well since back in the day when she sang in church choir. And everyone knows her brother was a coke head back in the day too and he was the one who really put her on and her drug use was all cuz she had to hide the fact she was gay.
Bobby, by all comparisons, was a f*cking angel before he met and married Whitney. Whitney was a crack head packaged as a pretty, nice pop star.

Pope of Hollywood said...

This is wrong. Whitney...or Nippy...was doing coke and shit WAY before Bobby Brown.

Unknown said...

These are two people that should have never gotten together. It was like two asteroids colliding.

watcher said...

Lil Whitney used to do coke at Sweetwaters in the basement. She was 17. Her brother started her. Bobby was an alkie and pothead, mostly alkie.

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YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

LMAO What a total bullshit post. I find this site entertaining BUT it would be so much better if the writer didn't make up shit so they could take shots at people they don't like.


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