Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 13, 2018

They can deny it all they want, but everyone knows this A list rapper got where she is because of payola. They got their money back and more and are on to the next person. Don't think it is just the rapper either. In the past year, the same group of people are responsible for the meteoric rise of this foreign born A- list singer who is seemingly everywhere and does the vowel thing at the end of both her names. Oh, and another A- list singer with the same vowel pattern.

Cardi B/Dua Lipa/Bebe Rexha



Do some Kosovo War blinds next.
Wesley Clark is low hanging fruit.

Unknown said...

That DuLipa chick is unfortunate. Another weird "millennial" obsessed with lips.

- said...

I love how every year hundreds of you fuckers stampede at your annual terrorist pilgrimage and end up getting killed. Multiple Darwin Award candidates.

Alexa Bryans said...

Oh Come on Enty. We get it, Cardi is allegedly a cokehead who sleeps for records etc... We also know that Iggy allegedly has a price, old news. Enty at this point once a week does a Iggy post on how her vajayjay sales are correlated to her ass size. What next, Rita Ora had SEX with someone for attention or better yet, a real housewife cast member is being rude and is going to rehab?

Why aren't we getting real stuff, like Nicki's sticking with alleged pedophiles.
She's cozying it up with 69, is cool with Drake who's acting pedoish lately and her own damn brother who's a convicted pedophile.

Everyone in rap is at this point an alleged cokehead who does payola.

jessorella said...

Why name all three women but leave out the names of the group of people responsible for the continuation of this kind of stuff? Come on, Enty!

orangesoda said...

Because nobody would know the people 'responsible' for sleeping with these women, Jess.

Unknown said...

Did someone actually say let's get to the real stuff? Ugh. Anywho, thanks Enty I kind of figured. I guess since they were able to recoup, she isn't just going away even though she is flopping all over the place.


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