Monday, October 01, 2018

Blind Item #2

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress sure does believe in keeping some family members employed. One of her relatives is acting as her "manager," and makes all her appointments and collects the cash.


MDAnderson said...

Crazy Lindsay Lohan??

Just Paige said...

With one recent TV credit is Elizabeth Hurley considered mostly movie?

No Wuckin' Furries said...

Steven and Liv Tyler.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Pimp Mama Dina
But this isn't new, is it?

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sandybrook said...

Where is Lindsay getting cash to pay them though? Child trafficking, drug running, yachting?

hothotheat said...

All the above, sandy.

Gator said...

She's basically been a hooker for the last several years, that's how she makes most of her money. It's certainly not from all those acting parts.

Hamid said...


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