Sunday, October 28, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 1, 2018

This A list rapper is probably going to have to get into a fight every time she goes out anywhere her husband has been because he has slept with women at almost every one of the couple's haunts. I'm not sure why she goes after all the other women and not her husband instead.

Cardi B/Offset


yepthatsme said...

Heloooo, how else are we going to be entertained if she goes after her husband behind closed doors? How is she going to look relatable to her "FANS"?

boredatwork boredatwork said...

It's interesting how all these big mouthed tough girls such as Cardi B or Halsey talk a big game, yet are too insecure and needy and allow themselves to be treated like trash.

Unknown said...

How can anyone look tough wearing their second favourite cardigan?

Lonely Bastard said...

I cant read any of these Cardi blinds without thinking of the disturbing mental image conjured by the story AJ Benza told about her recently.
When she was "stripping" she got into a feud with another stripper who replaced her after the "client' sent her away complaining that she stunk of fish.

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Mango said...

@ Lonely Bastard - she probably didn't wash her sweaty g-strings enough and got herself a nice bacterial infection from putting on the same stinky gear every night.

It's not enough to wash the goods, Cardi! You gotta wash your thongs, too.

Unknown said...

Because she gets off by it

Randaleese said...

Other women, NOT OLD HAGS, will get in your face and BRAG what they did with her husband. Hell yeah, it’s going to piss her off. Bitches don’t play.


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