Sunday, November 25, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 18, 2018

Usually by now, the scary low demand ticket sales begin to rise for this permanent A list "singer." It isn't happening though. The casino will make sure not to have her look bad and will make sure every show is sold out, but they won't do it again for another run so this might be it for the residency.

Britney Spears


hunter said...

hey you guys -

So I signed up for Enty's podcast and listed to all six episodes of Britney deep dive. Should be a damn pop culture gossip history course, super legit.

Enty has a good voice and sounds like an attractive man of average weight, just sayin. Good for him, if I had an alter-ego she wouldn't look exactly like me either.

Podcast seems worth the $5 so far, if there's one on Lindsay I need to find it.

sandybrook said...

So what else is new the hotels and resorts always give away freebies to fill a house up.

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tatty said...

Good for Britney riding that wave as long as she could.

Andi said...

Bots don't buy tickets.

If physical people aren't buying tickets the casinos won't pay and she won't get corp sponsors for real tours.

Andi said...

Enty has been in shadow on tv shows.

He is your usual middled aged educated white guy, not fat, but probably dad bod, & you could tell from the shadow he is bald.

Mstyles said...

She had a really good run in Vegas, it extended her career another 5 years. Now she can go judge some talent/singing contest and rake in another 10 mill.

Habibti said...

Cant be that bad.....she has a new residency at MGM Resorts. Planet Hollywood made 137 million from her show so not exactly a failure...... She announced it on Instagram. Starts again in February 2019.

5551423 said...

this is the only way for her to stop being a cash cow ROBOT so i think it's actually a blessing if she can't sell more shows. also, ENTY is a girl

Orville said...

Enty forgot to mention if you check billboard or polstar magazine Britney spears European tour was a huge success this year. She might not be popular in the states but is huge internationally. Her Las Vegas shows are also successful.


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