Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 14, 2018

For the past 72 hours, this former A+ list mostly movie actor/possible conspirator to commit murder had someone watching him every moment whether asleep or not. The people rotated to make sure someone was always there. It was all paid for by the studio who wanted no hiccups in the premiere of his new movie.

Johnny Depp


Brayson87 said...

Smile Empty Turkey, Gravy From a Bottle

You always call me
And ask me why I drink wine through the day
I'm always cookin'
I guess it's the ingrates' way of making me pay

But something makes me cook too much
It's difficult to understand, they always come to my house

I do it for the turkey
I do it to fill up those bastards
I do it for the gravy
That I get from the bottom of a bottle

Brayson87 said...

Smile Empty Soul - Bottom Of The Bottle (Official) Video

AlleyKat said...

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine
When you gonna let me get sober
Leave me along, let me go home
I wann'a go back and start over

Unknown said...

Isn't Johnny Depp well known enough that no matter what he does he'll be permanent A whatever?

I know Enty ratings mean nothing in the end since they are all over the place. Nitpicking just wastes energy.

VikingSong said...

I would say he's permanently A list. He's one of those actors who won't truly be appreciated until he dies. Some of his best films were not the big blockbusters, but smaller movies. He was brilliant in the Libertine, for example.

Unfortunately, his reputation has been tarnished in recent years because he foolishly married a criminal who is a pathological liar and because he's not a fan of Trump, so right-wing conspiracy nuts link him to anything dark and sinister.

cece said...

But mostly he's just an addict now. Very sad.

Flashy Vic said...

Well thy could revive him by getting him to motorboat JK Rowlings magnificent sweater puppies.
Of course she'd probably send him comatose again with her inevitable champagne socialust billionaire droning about social iniquities.

- said...

I second the praise of JK Rowling's magnificent melons.

OKay said...

@Viking No, his reputation has been getting tarnished by his being a violent alcoholic druggie who's nowhere near as cute as he used to be.

Anonymous said...

How do you suppose a poor kid from the state of Kentucky, came to own Caribbean islands? Fly in private jets worldwide, dine in the world's finest restaurants? Move to the south of France....just because he felt like it? Cast in some of the biggest acting roles on earth ?
One good audition? One good reading? Come on.
Wake up.

Sarton Bander said...

Because he cucks sock on the couch...

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Unknown said...

Ah yes Viking, of course. It's the anti Trump Hollywood set, that famously get their careers destroyed, and not the other way around...You must be slightly retarded.

Paul Saint John said...

And being friends with Marilyn Manson and joining some satanic cult.

Danny said...

Did I imagine it or was there, about 10mins ago, a comment w/a link to a vid covering JD & Viper Room's money laundering/tax evasion allegations which has now disappeared, and not in the "comment removed by author" sense, instead just disappeared...of course I could have seen it elsewhere (have 10 tabs open at the minute) but practically certain it was here :/


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