Saturday, November 24, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 17, 2018

Lost in the tribute to this foreign born A+ list DJ is that a woman who was with him the night he confronted the man with the child bride is that she was killed in a hotel room six weeks ago.



TunaCanArena said...

Have you had a stroke Enty??

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yepthatsme said...

Why, what happened to Enty?

Lu Geiger said...

Should we call a doctor?

Habibti said...

Avicii confronted a man that was married to a child. Avicii died in Oman in the Middle East where the practice of marrying 13 year old or younger girls is still done. Avicii spoke up. The child bride died and 6 weeks later Avicii.

orangesoda said...

I read it as the woman that was with him was killed six weeks ago.

Guesser said...

I think orangesoda is correct. The child bride isn't a woman. Enty doesn't say if the woman died in Oman or elsewhere. The Avicii tribute was shortly before this blind was written. Is there anyway to ID this woman? He was with friends in Oman,but not the woman who was his girlfriend. Did she did of "suicide"? Or other strange way?

Aquagirl said...

@Guesser: the Czech model was no longer his gf at the time of his death. They actually had a very short relationship, but she pretended that she was his gf when he died because she wanted sympathy (and probably money.)

But it would be interesting to know where the woman who he was with on the night of the ‘child bride’ incident died 6 weeks ago and under what circumstances.

Adrastia said...

I can't into this.

But it looks like they mean the woman and not the child bride.

I'm not familiar with this guy. I just thought of the song "Bell of Avici". Avici is the lowest hell of Hell in Buddhism. Where sinners suffer the most. It's shaped like a cube and is buried beneath the divine earth. You can eventually be released from Avici after you have expended all of your bad karma through suffering.

Is that what this guy named himself after? Seriously? Or is it supposed to be Italian?

Guesser said...

@Aquagirl,did not know this,it does explain why she wasn't with him.

it took forever said...

Love Avicii, Hope he is at peace now


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