Friday, November 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Anniversary Month

May 15, 2018

What do you get when you cross a business trip with a personal trip with an upcoming marriage? You get a lot of lies, broken hearts and some really messed up situations. This A+ list power broker has been in the news a lot this past week. During that crazy week, not only did he cheat on the at the time A- list mostly movie actress he was supposed to marry, he also had sex with another soon to be bride and busted up a third relationship by hooking up with an ex who was dating an at the time A- list mostly movie actor.

Of course our power broker tried to hide all of this, but even he couldn't keep up with the web of lies and trail of used hotel suites he was maintaining all that weekend. The A- list mostly movie actor got back at his girlfriend by hooking up one night with this foreign born permanent A+ list model. The A- list mostly movie actress? She never recovered. It broke her heart forever.

Jeff Kwatinetz/Brittany Murphy/Vicky Cornell/Michelle Dupont/Adrien Brody/Naomi Campbell


hothotheat said...

Vicky Cornell was the soon to be bride? She cheated on Chris before they got married. Sounds like something she'd do. No wonder he wanted to divorce her.

Madam Housecat said...

What an awesome friend and absolute treasure of a wife-to-be. An Absolute queen lioness. 😏🕷

Brayson87 said...

Cheaters gonna cheat.

TruRes said...

And he's fugly, what a shock.

Andi said...

Ah, so that's what happened to that engagement. Poor Brit, she never got a break in her love life.

Mstyles said...

This is when things took an ugly turn for Brit.
I loved her, she had such potential for a long and diverse career. She was very, very talented and adorable.
This guy is a p.o.s.

Aquagirl said...

And wasn’t Icky pregnant with Gabriel Garko’s kid at the time?

Dark Heart said...

Aquagirl it's Tony London not Gabriel Garko. Now that this blind has been revealed I believe more then ever that Lily is the only child that's really Chris Cornell's.

Aquagirl said...

@MoonageDreamer: thx for the correction; I always thought it was GG. Why do all these men want to sleep with VK? She’s so gross! And I really can’t believe the way she’s using these kids since Chris’ death. I clicked on the new CC video the other day and really wish I hadn’t. Little Chris is playing his dad and it’s both very manipulative and very heartbreaking. What kind of mother does this?

Aquagirl said...

Yes, I know, a gold digger. Guess the life insurance policy didn’t pay out.

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