Thursday, November 22, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 16, 2018

This celebrity offspring is doing everything she can to find out if her foreign born former A+ list tweener is trying to secretly meet up with his A- list singer ex. She even tried to put a GPS tracker on his phone and said it was in case he got kidnapped.

Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez


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Virginia Mayer said...

Poor FUCK.

- said...

Bitches be crazy!

hunter said...

I was just talking to an actor friend about how bad I felt about Bieber.

Actor friend was saying how empty life becomes when people constantly applaud and appreciate you for bullshit that doesn't matter (singing/dancing/acting) and how he needed more from life.

Bieber has been coddled and awarded for the act of existing for his entire life since puberty. He must be so fucked in the head, people don't appreciate how it damages a person's soul.

Very few people probably appreciate Bieber for who he actually *IS* and maybe Selena is one of those few people.

hunter said...

On that note people need to stop wishing Bieber would OD and start realizing how fucked up that poor kid is.

WTF happened to his parents? They were bought off early. It's sad.

Cilla C said...

Why bother marrying if you're that insecure.

Unknown said...

Money and fame

Fifi LaRue said...

Lots of married people are insecure, especially and overwhelmingly women.
Married women will give the death stare, ignore, put down, and other sundry insults to a single woman anywhere near a married couple. Very common.

Habibti said...

The baldwins are broke and need Biebers money. Stephen Baldwins house went into foreclosure last year and sold at a public auction for only $100. Hailey will have to save the family with her 50% in the divorce since Justin was too drugged to sign a prenup.

Unknown said...

On the other hand, insecure men murder their spouses, soooooo...six of one?

Aquagirl said...

@Habibti: do you know anything about divorce? Hailey will not get ‘her 50%’ in the divorce because there is no pre-nup—she will get 50% of the sum of his earnings minus her earnings during the time frame of their marriage, unless she manages to get knocked up, in which case she’d be entitled to child support as well. Everything he had before the marriage belongs to him. People said the same thing about Depp not having a pre-nup; meanwhile Scamber got the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM which was $7,000,000. Her real goal was to encourage him to increase his drug & alcohol intake, so that she could get him declared mentally incompetent and take control of his estate. When that didn’t work, she made up her DV story.

I still think, if Justin had the right advisors, he could & should get the marriage annulled because he was not in the proper state of mind and she pushed him into it. The bigger concern than divorce would be death; depending on the terms of his will, she could get everything.

The Bastard of Bourbons said...

Here's an ironic thought for your sick entertainment:
Selena gets secretly married (not to Justin) to a guy she fell madly in love with. Her and the new hubby lead faithful monogamous lives but Selena would have called it off if Justin would have came to her and swooped her up. Of course he couldn't due to Hailey so he is devastated. Hailey then proceeds to tighten down her hold upon Beebs and thus her shenanigans drives Justin to the brink of homosexuality (all much to Enty's delight). Drama ensues and Hailey pushes Justin over the precipice of insanity and beyond the aforementioned brink. They have to go to a gala. Along the way they're fighting. Justin finally loses his shit completely. Jumping out of the limo as it's still driving (in the mist of numerous poparozi(sp) no less), he starts screaming "OH! OH! FUCK YOU! Ahhh! Fuck it! I HATE YOU ! I HATE YOU ALL! I JUST WANT TO LIVE! Bwaaaaaahhh!" running away down the street. He isn't seen in public again. Needing meth money, he has his agent book a show in Nebraska as the first state to start a tour.

Two weeks later we will find a blind on here:
Blind Item #1
This foreign born A+ list former tweeter singer was spotted going to a notorious truck stop glory hole after a show in Omaha Nebraska.

In the comments Tricia13 calls it on the blind being about Justin Bieber. 😂

PS, we need to start a betting pool on how long before Tekashi gets his first gang raping and one for how long before he gets stabbed.


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