Thursday, December 20, 2018

Blind Item #10

Good luck getting any money out of this back in the day A- list celebrity from a family with multiple A+ listers. He makes his living signing autographs and stealing from his niece.


AvignonVagabond said...

jermaine jackson

Zebra Seasoning said...

Eric Roberts?

Gosssipgal said...

Randy Jackson?

MDAnderson said...

Randy Jackson

AvignonVagabond said...

must be Randy

Janet and Randy Jackson Sued by Former Tour Manager for $300K
Complex-14 hours ago
Janet and her brother Randy Jackson are being sued by their former tour manager Danny O'Donovan over unpaid wages. According to court ...

though Jermaine is getting married to a 23 yr old

Now! said...

I'm astonished that anyone would want Randy Jackson's autograph.

I follow the Jackson family only tangentially, and even I know Randy is a con man.

Jermaine at least had talent back in the day.

sandybrook said...

All the adult males and LaToya probably steal from Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Zeroh Tollrants said...

Yeah, Randy over Jermaine & it surprises me too that there's any demand for his autograph.

TalksTooMuch said...

Hahahaha I love that

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Norman Hollywood Sellout Bitch boy Reedus said...

Who’s his niece though? If u mean Emma Roberts, that’s his daughter. And Julia Roberts is his sister. So it’s obviously not Eric in this case.

Moedoodle said...

Emma Roberts is his daughter not neice

Anonymous said...

With Joe Jackson, this family really have been thru enough.
Let them recover, if they can. Leave them alone.
It's especially vicious to talk about Michael's children. They are not entertainers; they didn't choose to have the attention.


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