Thursday, December 20, 2018

Blind Item #3

There has been a lot of talk, but this former A list tweener actress/singer turned A-/B+ list adult actress/failed singer still has no intention of offering her former co-star a spot in the reboot.


This and That said...

Hillary Duff

M said...

Hilary and the weirdo that played Gordo?

notthisagain said...

It’s LaLaine, the girl who played Miranda

Unknown said...

If it is Lalaine, would not be surprised. Worked with her on a direct-to-dvd (with the exception of the Disney Channel overseas) movie shortly after Lizzie McGuire ended (so pre-rehab), and she was quite the demanding diva. I highly doubt that she’s calmed her ego down over the years, and she’s had zero major projects since (unlike Jodi Sweetin, who went groveling back to Hollywood with her redemption story and managed to regain some traction being on the talk show circuit).

Troy Dyer said...

J. LoveHewitt / someone from the 90’s
I know what you did last summer remake

hunter said...

>> I know what you did last summer remake


Anonymous said...

Duff seems to be a pretty happy individual. So does Melissa Joan Hart.
They come from the Disney and Nickelodeon backgrounds.

Why do a few seem to survive, even thrive? Do they have a better support system?


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