Saturday, April 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 30, 2019

An abused ex has a bunch of photos and videos of the abuse she suffered at the hands of this former A+ list rapper. Apparently she is trying to give it to this alliterate talk show host so she can use it.

50 Cent/Wendy Williams


Trapped said...

What’s new

HushHush said...

Saw a picture of Wendy on a motorized scooter the other day. Not a good look. I wouldn't want her to lead any allegations against someone. She looks cray-cray.

sandybrook said...

Wendy is too unwell right now to follow through on any vendetta she has.

Do Tell said...

I hope when she bounces back, Wendy Takes. Him. Down.

Kim said...

Wendy got famous by talking shit about other people and exploiting their personal issues. I guess the bright side is that she's not going to have someone sitting in a purple chair telling the world all about her drama. 50 Cent he's a bully that had a woman walk beside him with her panties full of crack where she'd take the charges if he got busted. He shared a sex tape of a woman online, so it won't be shocking that he was a jerk to an ex.

Do Tell said...

Between the two of them, he is the much biger asshole based on his actions.

Do Tell said...


Vita said...

Agreeing with Sandybrook, Wendy is too vulnerable in all ways to take on someone else's battle publicly, particularly vs 50, whose SM pettiness is legendary at this point.

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