Friday, April 05, 2019

Blind Item #10

This B+ list mostly television actress is on two hit show right now. The one she got as a main role was because of a sexual assault she suffered on a different show that aired on the same network.


MDAnderson said...

AJ Michalka?? Goldberg’s and Schooled.

yepthatsme said...

Was she abused on the sets of the Goldbergs? I hope not!

sandybrook said...

I know Ariel Winter has 2 shows but different networks under the same company, so shouldn't be her.

J said...

I don't quite get this; not written clearly.

I'll guess it means that instead of notifying the authorities about the assault, the actress blackmailed some producers into giving her a job in return for silence.

Basically couching.

sandybrook said...

Maybe AJ @MD.

notthisagain said...

isnt AJ Michalka a former disney actress? part of her and her sister duo, 'Ally & AJ'

hmm, this might not be her first abuse :( :( horrible. fuck the industry

Troy Dyer said...

There was another blind a while ago about a similarly described actress who got the lead on a second show because she knew things. I guesses AJ, but hopefully the assault stuff if false

Do Tell said...

In other news, Bill Cosby has negotiated settlements for seven defamation suits brought by women he accused of lying about being sexually assaulted by him.

Go ladies!

notthisagain said...


I think that was victoria justice on nickelodeon. instead of telling on dan schneider, she got her own tv show on the channel

Brayson87 said...

I have no idea how networks find the time to actually make shows with all the raping and assault going on. Like do they have a special rape trailer out back or is there a rape room like the green room? Everyday are people showing up to work with their tennis shoes on ready to try to outrun whatever pig is going to try to rape them today?

It's just strange to most Americans because in probably, oh say maybe 90% of workplaces, it's not a continual rapefest.

timebob said...

I agree Brayson everyone is so busy fucking everyone all we get is bad casting and lazy re-boots and re-makes.

Then again I work in a large accounting firm. That should be as boring as it gets. But no, same thing goes on here. it's a fuckfest with some very high level people.

Only the little people (me) have to actually work.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Possibly Yara Shahidi?

Vita said...

Troy, I remember the blind you're talking about, fairly recent compared to the Dan blinds. Many people were guessing AJ

Applethief4Elliot--Yara is an outstanding guess, but I think she may fit more for the blind to which Troy is referring. I think this one is AJ, bc blind says,"which aired on the same network. " (even tho Freeform is part of Disney family, perhaps that phrase is key?) Just guessing

Brayson87 said...

@timebob, People in HR always have the best stories, some companies are veritable sh!tshows.

Rosie riveter said...

Although Enty doesn't always write clearly, this one most certainly is:

Due to a SEXUAL ASSAULT that an actress did *not* ask for, but nonetheless received, she was given a role in a show to assuage the guilt of the perpetrators. Did she go to the authorities?
We don't know. Enty doesn't say.
What he DOES say, very clearly, is that she was sexually assaulted.
And what we (women, mostly- but also Some decent, thoughtful men) can assume is...Enty is telling the truth here..
Because sexual assault happens EVERY DAY throughout the world and it is not always reported- for a myriad of reasons. ...
None good enough for you, J.

Tell us. Have you ever been a woman? In a position like this?
Shoot. Let's even say a MAN, in a position like this?

OKay said...

When it's not reported solely because people want to score jobs, as a woman I've personally got zero sympathy (or fucks to give, frankly). Of course she didn't bother going to authorities. Fame above all else for these types!

J said...

Hey rosie, I think differently than you do. How about growing the fuck up and learning to live with that?

You really shouldn't get so hysterical. No one wants you to benadryl -- or roofie -- up your kid and drive over a cliff.

Rosie riveter said...

I'll take that as a "No"

And the (not so) witty reference to the lesbians who were terrible people and even WORSE mother's really doesn't have anything to do with what I asked, does it? But I suppose it makes a very basic, simple man like yourself feel better if all lesbians looked like Rosie o'donell and acted like the murderous psychopaths that drove off a cliff?
Many men if your age have a similar opinion-

Here's to a new generation!

Jan 15 said...

Possibly Eliza Du____. ?

I've read about her experiences on set. She comes across as very credible in a difficult situation.

J said...

Let's see, rosie.

You're a lesbian social justice warrior with a reputation for drugging people, becoming hysterical, and neglecting your child.


Justsayin" said...

Emma Kenney ?

Julie said...

Eden Sher of The Middle was an excellent comedy actress who was supposed to get her own sitcom on ABC. Instead we get the unfunny Schooled. Makes you wonder.

Mahogany1 said...

Good for her. I hope the show performs well enough it can last so she can tell het story.

Bitchy Woman said...

Sorry but making an opportunity for yourself and allowing your abuser to keep on abusing other girls ,women is sickening. Every victim from that point on she helped him get ! As a woman IMO she is just the same as the skanks who give BJs and Fucks for a role and high salaries.

Rosie riveter said...

And again, mocking sexual assault.
There's not much lower than people like you.
But your generation will be gone soon...and a new, kinder, gentler world will be in it's place.
Go to the light.....

J said...

Lol. When the time comes I'll go. Meanwhile I'll keep on bustling about.

Books to read... no doubt you relate.

sandy2319 said...

IN an ideal world a victim would report their assault to the police and that assaulter would be arrested. In the real world in Hollywood, that is not necessarily what happens. There is a lot of corruption and reporting the crime doesn't always lead to an arrest.
So it is easy to say "oh they should have done this or that", but once a person sees one person get railroaded when trying to report an attack they learn pretty quick the system is sometimes rigged in the favor of the corrupt.
So on this Rosie is right. There is no way to know how this situation went down, but to assume they are using an assault to better their career and it is that simple, is very naive.

J said...

Yeah but sandy, career betterment was indeed the outcome.

Paul Saint John said...

Let me tell you that you don't know anything about heterosexual dynamics and about how normal men and women interact because you're a lesbian. You don't know shit.

Urban Rosebud said...

Better their career with a side of herpes & an entree of HIV? WTF kind of career dev is that??? I believe some of these men & women are bred for this because their sense common denominator has no floor.

Collateral Justice said...

"There is a lot of corruption and reporting the crime doesn't always lead to an arrest. " @sandy2319

Unfortunately there are too many examples of rape victims getting re-raped under character assassination, blackmail and credible death threats with teeth.
In heavily compromised police precincts (cough, DC Metro... cough, Pedowood, spit...) the compromised public servants have been known to not only arrest the victim for a BS crime, but much worse, they use a loved one as a Blackmail pawn. Think weaponized IRS and Family Courts.

For those who "know" that I'm a conspiracy nutter doing the drama queen crap, well...
Then Oswald was a lone gunman because the FBI have never been, are not, will never be compromised. (dramatic eye roll with contempt)
I wish to be proven a liar and a tin foil hatter. Only because most sane folks know that if an adult can be easily blackmailed into a slave of "political" corruption, imagine how easy it is to screw over an inexperienced and abused child?

A kid screwed over by parents/legal guardians who are pimps. Best place to set up shop is Social Services and Family Courts.
Fresh meat daily for the perverted appetites of control freaks with Blackmail data and a compromised police force. The fact Privacy Laws for kids suppresses evidence to convict pedophiles is obvious, but National Security laws makes it impossible to indict or even get open source evidence for civil court protection.

It leaves the victims wide open for not only organized attacks, but the threats turn fatal for both whistle blowers and underaged sex toys.

His name was Seth Rich, who died as a loyal American and frustrated traitor to the DNC, but was reborn as the mythical Russian Hacker who screwed over Hillary and pissed off Podesta the Molesta.

Collateral Justice said...

Clarification: An underaged sex toy includes former child stars who are long retired as self medicated walking dead and the thousands of dead adult victims of child enslavement.

What if our Social Services actively suppresses the truth with falsified "Court" records and thousand a MONTH lost the fight and the will to live? You would demand proof. The National Drug OD epidemic is a clue. There are many more if one cares to look.

Denial and apathy are more profitable and mob mentality is the key.

Mrs Libnish said...


Well said, I hope people here take heed. There is so much more to this site than gossip blinds about celebutards and the Hollyweird vapid.

This is not a game.

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