Friday, October 30, 2020

Four For Friday - A Clue

 I have been waiting a long time for this. Some kind of lead or break. Apparently while investigating some murders alleged to have been committed by this frequent donor, this tidbit popped up on their radar. This even didn't take place exactly on Halloween, but really really close to it. It can trace its roots to about Halloween though when this studio head was confronted by someone, now dead, that the studio head was involved in some very shady stuff. Specifically, the person who confronted him said that one of her actor clients had been present at a Halloween party that the studio head attended. Also present at the party was the frequent donor. Apparently the studio head and the frequent donor were having a discussion whether they should find someone to take home to one of their places for the evening. The talk turned dark and the actor overheard them. In a meeting two days later with our confronter, the actor shared what he heard. Our confronter then called the studio head and said she knew what the studio head was doing and that whatever he was doing, it better not ensnare her actor client or any of her other clients. 

The studio head then made a call to the donor who managed to find one of his frequent hookups/drug partners who was willing to do anything for drugs. He gave the guy a ride all the way out there to hell and gone from where he lived. The studio head would call and give word when the confronter was leaving a party they both had to attend for work. There was only one route to her home that made sense. They waited. When she got close, the now jacked up on meth drug user/sometime sexual partner of the donor, made his move and killed the confronter. 

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