Thursday, October 29, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Halloween Party From Hell

This one didn't happen exactly on Halloween, but did happen in October and according to the actress involved, was hell. So, in order to keep the theme going all week, made it a Halloween party. It was actually an after party after a premiere. Our actress, who all of you know, was all of 15 when she was the party filled wall to wall with adults who were enjoying the booze and drugs provided by the host, a permanent A+ list mostly movie actor, all of you know. At some point in the evening our actress was wasted, as was often the case at that time. The next thing she knew she was naked and the A+ list actor was naked on top of her profusely sweating as he raped her. She woke up again to find him naked beside her as he smoked a cigarette and told her how good she was in bed for someone so young. Over the years, our actress has made this time period later in life and called it sex, because she just didn't want to deal with things she did or happened to her at that point in her life.

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