Monday, October 19, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Party Room

Earlier this month, this disgraced former A+ list director finally shut down his party room. He opened it in late March at the height of the stay at home order. Apparently he didn't think it applied to him and was having problems finding women who wanted to hit the casting couch. So, he started scouring Instagram for "models" who wanted to party and make a few extra bucks or become an "actress." He invited them over to his place and had such a massive turnout that he was outnumbered 50 to 1 by women. Sensing a financial opportunity, he called some guys he knew and told them there was a cover charge of $5K and what they offered the women was up to them. The thing is our director started charging the women to be there too. It was much less than the men. One woman said it was $250, but she never left the party room with less than $10K in her pocket. The cleaning product actor was at one of these parties as was this former A- list mostly television actor who had his actress wife leave him the day after she heard he attended one of the parties. These parties happened multiple times per week and the director, after expenses, made about $100K each night he had one of these parties. This married superhero of one of the lesser superhero franchises was a regular at the parties. There were several A list directors who attended including an A+ list action director.

As things began to open more, and there was less of a need for the events, attendance began to dwindle on both sides until the director finally shut it down. For now.

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