Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Contract

It wasn't all that long ago that this foreign born former A+ list boy bander was set to marry some random underage cousin or family friend. It had been set in stone for many years. The boy bander got out of it by paying a lot of money to the family of the bride. Back in the day, when the same thing happened to an A list singer, it was a much more difficult process. In the case from back in the day, our singer was female and had been promised to a cousin long before she became famous. Until she became famous, she was kind of wandering on the fringes of being slightly famous, but primarily just here in Los Angeles. All of you know our singer even though she hasn't had a hit in decades. She was never much of an actual singer. She had a lot of help in the recording studio, but she had genuine monster big hits. So, her prospective groom wanted a big piece of money to go away and have to find some other cousin to marry. Our singer could have blown the cousin off, but her family would have suffered. So, she was about to write a big check, when a past misdeed actually helped her out. 

While trying get a record deal, our singer also did a little choreography on the side. One of her employers was a B list singer/musician who came from a singing/musical family all of you know. The thing is the singer/musician was married at the time our A+ lister was working with him and the pair ended up having a sexual relationship. The wife of our singer/musician knew about it and for whatever reason chose to publicly talk about it right during the wedding money negotiations. Once the cousin heard the singer was no longer a virgin and had an affair, he wanted nothing more to do with her and walked away with a fraction of the amount he asked for before.

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