Thursday, December 03, 2020

Blind Item #1

This very powerful professional sports organization is not headquartered in the UK. They do business there though. As such, they want the vaccine first, for themselves. In order to skip the line they are paying triple the asking price for each dose. They purchased a total of 8K doses. 4K for the first round and 4K for the second. Because of this, there will be 4,000 nursing home residents and health care workers who will have to wait an extra 3-4 weeks for their vaccines. You know, so the billionaires can make more money with no more interruptions to their product. Oh, you will see people test positive. It will just be some player who you have never heard of or someone in the ticket office that you can't verify. Then, when they go a month or two without any major outbreaks they will want a pat on the back for doing so well with their guidelines and protocols. Oh, and this UK based professional sports organization is pondering doing the same thing because one of their owners is a mutual. 

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