Saturday, December 05, 2020

Blind Item #3 - Crazy Tip Continued

Earlier this week, I posted about the craziest tip I received in quite some time. Here is a continuation of that tip. The only edits are for blindness and a note on 2016.

I believe I know who the fish bathroom guy is.  I think it’s this A+ list mostly movie actor because I witnessed him doing something similar in 2016 (the actor was actually briefly in town in 2016)  in a supermarket in LA.  He had been wearing sunglasses but it was definitely him based on the nose and the bodyguard next to him.  I mean being LA I guess it could have been any celeb but it was really the nose that gave him away.  I took a number from the red number thing and waited to be helped.  Our actor was taking a while, though, because he was carefully examining every fish that the guy placed on the scale.  Finally he settled on one, not sure what kind it was though.  The actor requested the man not wrap it up, so that’s actually the only reason why I followed him.  I thought maybe they were filming a movie or something and they had an emergency need for a new prop.  He went into the men’s room with the fish and the bodyguard but I stayed outside, afraid of appearing to be yet another star struck civilian following a celeb somewhere.  Although when they opened the door to the restroom, I could see that there was not a film crew inside.  I waited around like five minutes pretending to be shopping and was about to leave (I was thinking I might get in trouble for loitering outside the bathroom or something) when they suddenly came back out of the bathroom with no fish.  I was really curious so I went in and found the fish in the garbage, wrapped in a massive amount of paper towels.  Then I left.

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