Thursday, December 03, 2020

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

This former athlete is recently deceased. He was foreign born but spent most of his career in the States. In his time, he was A list in his corner of the sports world and originated a top prize in the permanent A+ list organization he is most closely associated with. He wouldn't really be known to younger fans except for a brief stint as a "lackey" for the organization's owner some time ago.

His sexuality was an open secret, and long before he officially came out there were allusions made to it by the organization's announcers. Given the nature of the sport, some would say this was inevitable. Another thing that was an open secret was his casting couch of sorts. At least one prize in the organization changed hands solely due to his "interference". Another "lackey" got his job in the organization solely due to him showing his significantly endowed member to the athlete. An announcer for the organization, the winner of a talent search, was fired after only a handful of appearances due to his refusal to orally service the former athlete.

Several decades ago, a then A list talk show did an expose on the former athlete and several other employees of the organization molesting young male hired hands. The subject of this blind was suspended by the organization as a result, but this was only to save face and he was back as soon as things died down. How did things die down? Let's just say there was money involved (which the organization's owner had plenty of even then).

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