Monday, February 15, 2021

Blind Item #3

 The permanent A++ list producer/director/writer/mogul is sterile. This isn't news because it's well known that all of his children are the result of adoption or sperm donations. One of his wives left him over the fact he couldn't produce his own offspring. Rather, this blind is about HOW he came to be infertile.

When he was younger, he was involved in a serious accident in which he nearly died. He spent over a year recovering, during which time he solidified his career choice. He has always been vague about the nature of his injuries, and with good reason. Some of the most severe injuries were to his private parts. Surgeons managed to save the penis, but the testes were damaged beyond repair. His devastation at losing his chance to have a natural family was one of the reasons he got into film. If he couldn't have kids, he had to leave his legacy in another way.

This attitude paid dividends until he started adopting and the quality of his films noticeably began to drop off.

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