Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Sucking Her Dry

Back in the day, this female singer was A list. One named. For a few years, she was everywhere. It felt like she was featured on every song on the radio. In recent years, she has helped supplement her income by yachting and trading on that famous name. The past year has especially been bad for her because she relies on touring to make the rest of her income. She made tens of millions of dollars in her heyday. Where did it go? She gave it all to this former A list rapper who was big at the same time as her. He would always say he was broke or waiting on money or he would pay her back. She bought him multiple homes, one of which he is selling right now to raise money for himself. In public everyone thought they were a couple, and she thought they were too. However, he saw it differently and if he had an opportunity with another woman for a night or a week, he would take it. He knew our singer wouldn't cheat. Over a very short period he managed to get his hands on most of her money and she even took out loans to give him more money. He lived large and she paid for most of it and is continuing to pay for it now.

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