Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Curse

This sci fi show seems to have created a curse. That is what fans of the show believe. It is not necessarily what those closest to the situation believe. There is one offspring of an actor victim of the "curse" who has an entirely different theory. The offspring thinks there is no "curse."  The offspring's theory is that the series creator has been systematically killing off a cast member every few years.  He considers the show to have been his life's work, and as such wants to garner attention for it in the hopes of getting a reboot with a brand new, younger cast and updated special effects.  You may have noticed how he releases a lengthy, heartfelt statement almost immediately after a cast member passes (and often is the one to break the news in the first place).  He wants to appear to be a "patriarch" of the cast members, when it's actually not that at all.  They live in a state of fear.  Prior to the death of this actress, the offspring thought perhaps he was singling out only male members of the cast.  

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