Thursday, February 18, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind - Probably Written By A Publicist

Wanted to give your readers a behind-the-scenes peek at what production is really like during COVID to offset the Tom Cruise clown show. I'm currently wrapping a shoot. Everyone on set from crew to cast is masked up, getting tested every day and following the protocols to a T.  Sure it's not a billion dollar blockbuster, but it is all things speaking an ambitious shoot. And it's with an A-list director who comes from a directing/acting family whose patriarch is is legendary.  

Like other things they directed over the past ten months, the director has done everything remotely from home. Their setup is tremendously high-tech.

As someone used being on set my entire career, I'm amazed at the technology. I can see multiple sets at once, multiple cams, check in on wardrobe and more, all from my phone or laptop. And this is not some one camera set up we're talking about here. This is pretty intricate. On a good day this would involve a lot of moving parts. During Covid times, the ease in which this is happening is nothing short of miraculous. The director has been completely dialed in, communicating with us, the crew and the actors. All remote, of course, but it would not have been any different if they were on set. That's how good it is. And by the way, the director is so incredibly warm and gracious and collaborative. I have never seen someone make actors feel this much at ease and make them feel like the director genuinely cares about them. Considering how badly Tom Cruise acted, maybe that makes this a kindness blind.

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