Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Almost Dead

Thinking about that earlier blind about the offspring, got me to thinking about a story I don't believe I ever have spoken about or written about previously. It involved a then A list mostly movie actor who was warned off and is now an A list mostly television actor who has starred in multiple hit television shows and is someone all of you know. Once the actor was warned off, this at the time A list tabloid celebrity was paired off with various men who were then blackmailed. This went on for several years until the tabloid celebrity had lost her celebrity and they had no use for her. So, she ends up marrying someone who wrote one of the best music books of all time. The thing is though, her previous masters decided she knew too much and decided to kill her. They almost succeeded. After that near death experience, they considered her to be warned off, and she has kept her head down for decades.

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