Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England - Part VI

The tipster's first language is not English, so I lightly edited it.

    I would have loved to have been around when the cover up was planned. To review: two gay lovers killed a man while they were robbing his house. The velvet underground was afraid that the straights would be so outraged by this that a pogrom would be started against all gays in the state and nation. If they ever got out of their echo chamber, or should I say, circle jerk, they would know that there was no fear of a pogrom, then or now.  The straights saw this as a crime committed by two individuals not an attack by the gay community against straights.

     This is a community where murders are considered heroes, murder accomplices are financially rewarded, burglary does not seem to be a crime. However, perjury is considered a serious crime. The most notable feature of this trial is not the lies. There were very few of them. It was the brutal honesty of many of the witnesses.

      The arresting detective. testified under oath that he broke the chain of evidence. He tampered with the tape. He erased parts of it, he edited other tapes. There are many tapped conversations that have not been released. The tapes that prove that the widow is "guilty"  are false.

    To sum up, the arresting detective is not a perjurer. He would retire after a full career.

     The Creep was an unhappy fellow. His image of him being the tough guy that women hire to kill their husbands has been disproved. The rapist and the real killer took that role. The creep is in prison because his father turned him in. His father brought the deadly firearm to the police and made a deal for himself. He had sold stolen goods to police at low prices. Since he was a friend, they did not charge him. He could have cut a deal for his son to not receive jail time, but he didn't think of it.

   The creep was constantly heckled by the real killer and the rapist. They claimed that when they get to be adults, they can file an appeal. Not only can they be released but the charges are erased as if it never happened! They believed that this would happen because they are popular with the media, while the creep is a nobody. The guards reminded the creep that if he didn't talk about his fantasies about wives hiring him to kill their husbands, he wouldn't be behind bars. The police were not close to cracking his case until he opened his mouth.

       Now he had to testify. The creep knew that perjury was the only serious crime the state would prosecute. The creep wanted to take the simple way and just tell the truth, except that he did not know what the truth was. Could he depend on the real killer and the rapist to not fold under pressure? Would the girl break down?

     In court both sides did not push him too far.  To establish his credibility, he talked about his past crimes. The community was shocked. They never realized that such criminals existed in their mists. He talked about the fences that bought the stolen goods. People were shocked that the police did not arrest these fellows for being accessories after the fact. If you want to stop theft in your community, arrest the fences.

     Later life would be good to the Creep. He did spend less time in prison than the other two losers. Now he has the tough minded reputation that he always wanted. Criminals, thieves, scoundrels and those who worship evil's might see him as a tough guy. What everyone knows about this case comes from the mainstream media. All they know is that The bigmouthed widow spilled the beans and the creep had nothing to do with them getting caught. He is now known as a stand up guy who did not tell the cops that his father gave him the firearm. That would have made the father part of the murder conspiracy and would have put him behind bars for life.  Remember the only reason they had a pistol was that the real killer wanted the gun because he wanted to shoot it out with the police if caught. He did not plan to go back to prison.

   The creep was never asked if his father gave him the firearm.  Not at the trial or before. Since perjury is the only serious crime, I bet he would have revealed that his father gave him the gun if anyone bothered to ask..

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