Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The War

Over the years I have written about the battle between one side of the velvet mafia with a nominal head in this closeted A list host/producer, who does a little bit of everything, and the old guard, led by the mogul. They each have differing ideas on what the mafia should be doing and who it should be helping and protecting, but there is a lot of mutual respect and neither was going to have the other killed or blacklisted or anything like that. Sure, there is some fallout when one of their boy toys choose sides and can't get work for awhile, but they call that fun and games. 

One thing they mutually agreed to do is make sure a different talk show host went down for the count. Did the talk show host bring it upon themselves? Absolutely. Did the media, with a push from the two rival leaders help? Definitely. It seems as if both of them had big issues with the way the host wanted to be the king maker for all of gay Hollywood. The host said if you wanted their blessing, you needed to come on their show or the host would tell all of their high powered friends who came on the show not to hire so and so or that so and so was difficult. I mean, this is pretty much how the host lives their life anyway, so it wasn't much of a stretch. 

Our two leaders have carried that mantle for decades and were always looking for an opportunity to undercut and to push the host out. They got their chance and made the most of it. They are also imposing penance on those gay men and women who pledged their loyalty to the host.

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