Thursday, June 24, 2021

Today's Blind Items - One Reason

You never hear anything about this former A+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know. He is mostly a comic actor, but over the years has moved beyond that. No one knows that he cheated on his first wife or humiliated her by sleeping with an A list actress who was starring in the same movie as our actor and his wife. That is not what this blind is about though. Our actor was blitzed out on coke one night many decades ago and watched a movie starring this stage actress turned A- list movie actress. He decided then and there he wanted to hook up with her, so wrote two movies in two months and cast her in both so he could have sex with her for nearly two straight years. Then, he tired of her and dumped her and found that he no longer needed to write movies to sleep with women, they would do so, simply because he was famous.

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