Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 12, 2021

Back in the 90's, a screenwriter and his writing partner had a meeting at the home of this married A+ list mostly movie actor. He is permanently A list now, but back when this happened was arguably the biggest actor on the planet, even if the one named singer didn't seem to care for him much. 

The two writers are let inside, and wait near the front entrance. After a while, our actor comes down the stairs, wearing only a bathrobe and nothing beneath. He talks to them, takes a copy of the script, and discusses some story points.

While they're chatting, two blonde models, wearing next to nothing, walk down the stairs. Our actor doesn't really acknowledge them. They walk out the front door.

The actor keeps chatting. A car pulls up out the front. The screenwriters hear car doors open and shut, and the car driving off. They keep talking to the actor.

While they're chatting, two new women, both of whom look like models, walk into the front door. They walk past the actor and the screenwriters, and up the stairs. Our actor, still wearing his bathrobe, says to the guys, "Okay, thanks for all this, I'll see you at the next meeting in a week or two", and walks back up the stairs following the women. The two screenwriters let themselves out, and walk off to their car.

Kevin Costner/Madonna

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