Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #46

June 10, 2021

In this space I have often addressed the indiscretions of this celebrity chef. She is definitely low hanging fruit when it comes to gossip because she makes so many of her own scandals. That being said, what I often forget when writing about her is that considering where she came from as a child, she is a success story. Many people are completely unaware that her dad started raping her multiple times a week when she was just 13. It went on for years. He was deranged and she was also protecting her sister at the same time from the situation. Not only that, but she escaped as a teen and went to a shelter with her sister. To top all that off she publicly shared her story in front of hundreds of people, although at the time she was not the star she is today. She also continues to support and volunteer at the same types of shelters. 

Giada De Laurentiis

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