Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Father

What could have been is crazy. We have to go back in the day. We have to go back to a night in Malibu. She called it a magical night. She was an actress. A- at best. Honestly, probably a little lower. It is only after death that her name was so well known. She starred in movies, but wasn't the greatest actress in the world. Her newlywed director husband had been cheating on her. He never tried very hard to hide it. It wasn't like later where she found the films he made having sex with women in the marital bed, but he was still cheating and not being discreet. That night in Malibu he was flirting with actresses and then said he wanted to check out a house down the street that was for sale. The actress could stay at the party. He wouldn't be gone long he said. He didn't come back that night. She knew he wouldn't when she saw two actresses leave by the front door not two minutes after the director left.

Our actress had to wait and knew she would be spending the night. What she didn't now was she was also going to be cheating. Oh yes, she cheated too, just not as often. She was drunk and high and the guy was someone the whole world knew. A one night stand for the ages. What was really crazy is that the next night he would be dead, and six weeks later she discovered she was pregnant. She had not been sleeping with her husband because of all the cheating. He was against having children, although later on he was unsuccessful in forcing her to have an abortion. Apparently she had sex with him after she discovered she was pregnant and waited a month and told him the news. It was pretty easy for her to hide how far along she was. She wasn't sure she wanted to stay in the marriage, and wasn't sure what to do about the baby. He convinced her to have an abortion.

Two things come to mind. It would have been crazy if she had the baby. Also, what if she hadn't slept with the guy. He would have gone back to Los Angeles sooner. Maybe the rhythm of things would have changed. Maybe he wouldn't have died. 

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