Monday, August 23, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England - Part Seven

The tipster's first language is not English, so I did some light editing.

Now is the time for the real killer and the rapist. They were going to testify and it would be done live on camera. I always wondered what the Circle Jerk was thinking. Veteran actors would have problems with this role. Now they think these doped out punks could handle this?

After the Creep testified, it was time for the real killer. He admitted that he carried the firearm, and started fighting with the victim when he could have easily run, or even better, surrendered. He then said that he gave the firearm to the rapist who coolly and calmly shot the husband. The statement that he passed the firearm to the rapist is one of the few outright lies in the case. He knew the rapist would back up his statements. The killer then said he could not remember what happened next. This is factual. Many combat veterans do not remember their first firefight.

The medical examiner explained that the gun was only about an inch away from the head but there was no gunpowder on the wound. If you fire through an obstruction, that absorbs the gunpowder. The killer knew why this was true. The firearm was in his coat pocket. He shot it without taking the gun out. that absorbed the gunpowder. After the crime was committed, the coat was buried somewhere. It has never been found. and no one remembers where it was buried. 

The real killer was thankful he was never asked about the coat. He would have told the truth if he had been asked. He fired the pistol in his coat pocket. That is why there are no powder burns on the wound. The coat was buried after the crime and has yet to be found.

The only mistake the real killer made was when he admitted that he and the rapists had a homosexual relationship. He said that he gave the pistol to the rapist "Because he loved him." Straight boys would never make this statement. This was never followed up.

The real killer survived this ordeal without doing too much damage to the case. Now it is time for the rapist.

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