Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Rope A Dope

It has been quite some time now that this C lister all of you know went to jail. He ostensibly went to jail for something that doesn't see you get that much time for that specific crime. He was involved in a huge con that he always blamed on a family member, despite that family member serving much much less time. The family member is not a celebrity, but everyone on the C lister's side is, and like I said, every one in the world knows the family. The most famous one reached A- list. Every person on the planet knows her. It was about at the time the C lister got out of jail, that this east coast tabloid reported on it and mentioned something about a sibling that was never mentioned before or after. No, I'm not talking about the half sibling. Supposedly, much like what happened to Chuck Cunningham, this sibling was supposedly away at college, but never seen. Where did that sibling go? Meanwhile, the family member who wasn't famous, moved out of state and started working different scams. One of those scams involved a man who became a bit of a celebrity himself. This is where it gets really strange. Our C lister is divorced, but his ex is equally high on the list. She was desperate to get on a reality show and get some attention. So, she said to the world she was involved in a relationship with a man she never met. OK, but that man was in cahoots with the formerly jailed family member, so there was a big connection. Was this part of a potential new scam? Oh, and the missing sibling. The articles mentioning the sibling have been scrubbed clean by the tabloid, not to be found anywhere on their site, but the links from others exist, and the actual newspapers exist too.

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