Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Ruse

 Faking your death is something regular people do and something celebrities do too. I have written about a few of them. One that is really tragic though involves an actor who wasn't even acting at the time he faked his death. He planned on returning to acting after a hugely successful child career, but wanted to leave any traces of his childhood behind him before he went back to Los Angeles. When he disappeared, he was using a lot of drugs and kept that hidden from his family and most of his friends. He also owed his dealer a great deal of money which he didn't have. So, he faked his death and got out of town. He made his way down to Los Angeles, mainly by hitchhiking. He got himself some jobs in LA and because he didn't look anything like his former child star days, no one ever stopped him on the street or recognized him. After a couple of years, he thought about getting back into acting, but then he was kind of committed to the whole fake death and he didn't want to have the dealer find him, because now he would probably kill our actor. It was while that was all going on, that our actor was killed in a car accident and was buried under the name he had been using for work.

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