Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Today's Blind Items - A Tidbit

There is nothing salacious in this blind, and is more of an encounter rather than anything else. Because it is rare for me to have a blind about this person, I thought it would be fun to include. Other than some light editing, it is exactly in the words of the tipster.

After watching one newly-released film decades ago in our Northern California county, we were handed a small typed flyer inviting us to a screening of a film that would go on to become an Oscar winner.   The film would also be the directorial debut for this permanent A list actor and starred one of our favorite actress in comedies who is also permanently A list. 

At the screening, though, there was no soundtrack so it was a little dull but I believe it was being completed at this nearby studio owned by the filmmaker best known for a franchise. The screening was to determine whether the audience would like the ending or not.

Our usual row (of only four seats against the side wall) was blocked, so my mother, sister and I settled for the row right in front of it. This was annoyance number one for my mom. 

All of a sudden, after everyone was settled and the theater was darkened, two or three people filed in and sat in the row - our row! -  behind us.  

Everything was fine until the man behind my mother started kicking her chair - non-stop.  This went on for quite awhile until finally my mom - who was really getting into the movie -  couldn't take it anymore and she turned to her side and, in a loud irritated whisper, said "stop KICKING my chair! I'm trying to watch the movie!"

As a teenager, I was a little embarrassed but when I saw a man's hand stretch out to touch my mom's shoulder, I turned to see what he was doing.  

I was startled to see that it was the film's director, sitting with his tall blonde girlfriend at the time.  He was quite embarrassed and obviously unaware of his kicking. 

 "I'm so sorry," he whispered back.  "Keep watching."   He never kicked her chair after that and left before the lights went back on.

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