Friday, February 11, 2022

Four For Friday - Primetime Soap Stars Bad Behavior

None will be about Heather Locklear. I mean, no one can top her in this category.

#1 - This foreign born former A- lister who has someone in the family higher on the list in the entertainment world was sleeping with men for money up until she landed her primetime role.

#2 - This Oscar winner/nominee tried to kill herself during a very bad weekend.

#3 - This actor got lucky with two big television shows in his career. He had to shoot his scenes for the soap as early in the day as possible because he would usually pass out from booze by 1pm at the latest.

#4 - This one is a quadruple. This primetime soap actor (#1) cheated on his then girlfriend with this primetime soap actress (#2) who later became his wife until he cheated on her with another actress (#3) which has been discussed in this space before. Anyway, #1 and #2 first hooked up in a threesome with another actress (#4) that also starred in the show featuring #2.

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