Monday, February 07, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Past

This foreign boyband's leader used to be in an unofficial rap crew in his teens. The crew included barely famous local rapper A, rapper B, and rappers C and D. They would do drugs and write misogynistic songs. In 2013, in pursuit of more fame, the leader debuted as an idol in a boyband and rapper B became their in-house producer, but the two remained close with the original crew.

Three years later A was suspected of drug use, and the crew snitched on one another. The boyband leader quietly withdrew from his boyband's overseas show and returned to his country. His name and B's name were excluded from the press. A, C and D were sentenced to probation. A was also accused of rape and was found bleeding outside an apartment complex a year ago which was not his residence.

The boyband leader abandoned them all and changed his image completely as his group became the biggest in the world a year later.

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