Friday, February 18, 2022

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups

 #1 - This former A list child actress all of you know, also reached A list as an adult. She and the murder suspect would get wasted and do threesomes with random men.

#2 - This French actress most well known for a erotic movie three decades ago that has an alliterate title, once was given the assignment of orally servicing this A list mostly movie actor much much younger than her, because a director wanted to land him for a part. The actress did the act on the way from a hotel to an airport.

#3 - This alliterate actress never really reached higher than B/B- list. Her offspring got higher on the list and her ex is a permanent A lister. She once offered her offspring to this former A+ list mostly movie actor if he would keep dating the alliterate actress. He took her up on the offer, and then dumped the mom.

#4 - This A list actress has hit it big in multiple hit television shows. One even spawned a movie. She had a years long torrid affair with an alliterate actress, and was a voyeur when the actress had sex with a former A++ lister.

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