Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Pairings

There are certain acting couples that tend to keep making movies together. Way back in the day, this actor and actress were each A list and made multiple movies together. It was only after wrapping their final movie together they realized they would both end up dead if they made another. All they would do during filming was as much coke as they possibly could while staying up all night and interspersing that with nonstop sex. That relationship destroyed the marriages of the actress and actor, but they knew they didn't belong together in the long term. They liked partying and having sex with as many people as possible. You know both of them. 

This other acting couple didn't do drugs together, but they each were in marriages that were tedious. Our actor is still married, but our actress is not. The two of them made several movies together and would basically live together during shooting and not speak to each other in between movies fearing their respective spouses would discover their romance. This went on for many years, until it just could not be hidden any longer and they stopped. She thought she could do the same kind of thing/onset relationship with another actor but it crashed and burned her life and career. You know both of them.

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