Thursday, February 17, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Break

It is not often that you see an acting couple basically give up their careers to save their marriage. That is what this couple has done. For the past several years, they have not worked. One is a foreign born reality star turned B list actress and the other peaked at A- list due to his long running show. This was not a break driven by working for so long and wanting a long vacation. This was not due to the pandemic. This was due to the discovery by the actress that her husband had an affair with a co-star. Oh, sure there had always been rumors, but nothing confirmed. The crazy thing is, the actress would never have discovered it if not for this former A+ list actress who will take any kind of work now. She let it "slip" thinking she might use it to her advantage. The married couple decided they were going to focus on their relationship and nothing else and that is what they have done.

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