Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Hunt

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It sounds all very Most Dangerous Game like, and I'm sure that is where they took their inspiration. Do I know of anyone who has been killed or hunted with real bullets? No. Do I know if some people have been hunted with people firing rubber bullets? Yes. Apparently the reason they use that instead of some kind of paint ball is that the rubber bullet generally get people who have been shot, to act more realistically.

Would it shock me if this billionaire actually did have people killed? Nope. It isn't like he has the most charming personality anyway. His family members are horrible and it is only because of the family members that anyone even knows this kind of hunt exists. Oh, and to make matters worse, the white people do the hunting while the non-white people are the ones being hunted. The family says the people enjoy being hunted and it supplements their pay when they agree to do it over a weekend. 

The most visible family member is someone all of you would know. Does the general public? Probably not. It is that visible family member who has shared several times over the years about the "hunts," as in "I can't do anything this weekend because of the hunt." The family has always been scary. The visible family member has always been scary, but more in a Veruca Salt kind of entitled brat way. 

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